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Ho'oponopono Meets Trump

Throughout this election process I've been quiet.  This morning I was thinking what I would say to Trump voters. Really? lol. Ok I can go deeper. I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. I [...]

Abuse in the Name of Yoga

Today was the first time that I was in Savasana (Corpse Pose) with tears falling off the side of my face and my body shaking as if it had been raped. It had been... energetically[...]

Hating Anger Is Never Useful

Where's the smile? I looked at my expression in the mirror and captured my shadow in a picture. Then I asked myself: What can we change within us to help with the overflowing anger[...]

Walking Gracefully on The Edge

I knew there was something succulent to clear up. I was having a few sleepless nights and I scheduled a call with my current go-to Healer. What happened? My ego saw itself in the s[...]

Stop the Heartbreak

Heart Torn. Literally. My brother-in-law called me in distress. The cardiac surgeon at the hospital had just told him he would try to SAVE my sister. She was closer to death tha[...]

Birthing the Goddess

Several weeks ago I found out that my Health Insurance was cancelled. There was no way to be reinstated into the plan. They had only sent me ONE letter in the snail mail and no ema[...]

Letting Go of the Me in Mena

Letting Go of the Me is an unequivocal choice of inviting and accepting the GIFT of LIFE as we were meant to experience it. It means choosing to move away from drama, disease and d[...]