Ready to Unwrap the Gift you Are?!

I am here to help you remove what’s in the way of you shining your Light.

My soul’s purpose is to offer you guidance to further unravel your own knowing, gain clarity, a higher perspective, and experience profound and transformative healing in a space of Love. Bridging the material and subtle energies, I will guide you to find a balanced path and integrate wisdom into your daily life.

It’s time to stop struggling and start thriving. Yes?

If you are ready to powerfully and gracefully shift, unwrap your gifts, and commit to the fulfilled You that helps the World, reach out to schedule. yesiam@menafesting.com.

I’m excited about your Transformation.

With deep gratitude!



Sessions: Set an intention and shift happens. Energy transmission. Higher awareness and Intuition. Meditations. Crystal Bowls and Singing. Oracle Cards.

Yoga: Experience a state of flow that Awakens your Life! Feel empowered through your asanas as Mena guides you to a Sacred Space to remember your inner child and joy. Savasana with bowls and singing. 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Teacher

Yoga Nidra and Crystal Bowls: Surrender into a state of Consciousness of Creation assisted by crystal bowls, channeled singing and a guided yoga Nidra meditation. 1hr. Bring mat, pillow, and props to be comfortable. Sivananda Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher.

Clarity and Possibilities Consultation: Mena guides you to clear away the doubts and confusion to gain a new perspective and understanding of a situation. Think outside the box, gain innovative ideas, and release limiting beliefs to create new opportunities.  Learn the Awaken Flow™ Methodology to approach life with efficiency and clarity.

Program: In six weeks we gain momentum and accountability to create Inspired Habits for effective transformation in those areas of our life where we are stuck or would like to activate (this can be done in a group setting or with private sessions).

Are you ready to be grounded, committed, full of inspiration and energy to create!?

We go deep into the Awaken Flow™ Methodology. For truly effective transformation we need commitment, support and consistency. By generating momentum we begin to feel the difference in our lives and we create muscle memory with inspired habits.

What you will gain from the program:

  • Know you deserve the most amazing life and claim it.
  • Open up to receive support and guidance.
  • Finally doing those things you keep postponing.
  • Feel supported, loved, appreciated and heard.
  • Connect with people in a deeper way.
  • Advance with areas in your life that were stagnant.
  • Do more of what you are passionate about.
  • Feeling peaceful and excited about the person who you are choosing to become.
  • Have a heightened sense of Self-love, confidence and determination.

Feel within your heart. Have you been waiting for an opportunity to incorporate inspired habits and perspectives to absolutely love your life? If you hear a YES inside you heart, honor it and sign up now to join me on this life transforming journey. : D

My sessions and programs are for people who are excited about getting out of their habitual patterns, reduce stress, eliminate struggles, limitations and suffering and are willing to look into their thoughts, behaviors and energy to change perspective and live more fulfilling lives.

The World will deeply benefit from the gifts you have to offer!


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