Experiences & Healers

Caught in the Vortex

I travelled to Sedona following a trail of guidance. I didn't know why I left mysteriously and then, during the trip, I understood. I was going to get trapped by the vortex and I n[...]

Uni-Ted in Inspiration

You should do a Ted talk!, a friend suggested this year.   So I went within and stated: "If I'm meant to do one, then let me receive a message this week."   [...]

Abuse in the Name of Yoga

Today was the first time that I was in Savasana (Corpse Pose) with tears falling off the side of my face and my body shaking as if it had been raped. It had been... energetically[...]

Walking Gracefully on The Edge

I knew there was something succulent to clear up. I was having a few sleepless nights and I scheduled a call with my current go-to Healer. What happened? My ego saw itself in the s[...]

The Art of Living in Awareness

When was the last time you picked up a pencil, a crayon or marker and let your heart communicate through an image? Could it have been in school!? For me it was yesterday. What a[...]

Let Go and Fall like an Angel

When I closed my eyes and thought of the word 'falling', anxiety would spike in my chest and I resisted the prevailing uncertainty. My hands became weak and unsteady not knowing wh[...]

Enlightened by Darkness

We tend to find unjustified reasons to change our plans. A raging thunderstorm led me to believe that a full moon meditation at the beach would be cancelled. At the very last momen[...]