Ho'oponopono Meets Trump

Throughout this election process I've been quiet.  This morning I was thinking what I would say to Trump voters. Really? lol. Ok I can go deeper. I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. I [...]

Abuse in the Name of Yoga

Today was the first time that I was in Savasana (Corpse Pose) with tears falling off the side of my face and my body shaking as if it had been raped. It had been... energetically[...]

Hating Anger Is Never Useful

Where's the smile? I looked at my expression in the mirror and captured my shadow in a picture. Then I asked myself: What can we change within us to help with the overflowing anger[...]

Walking Gracefully on The Edge

I knew there was something succulent to clear up. I was having a few sleepless nights and I scheduled a call with my current go-to Healer. What happened? My ego saw itself in the s[...]

Stop the Heartbreak

Heart Torn. Literally. My brother-in-law called me in distress. The cardiac surgeon at the hospital had just told him he would try to SAVE my sister. She was closer to death tha[...]