Dare to Be Your Own Hero Now!

Why save the best for last? We are our own hero, so let’s make it so NOW.  Do we realize how amazing this is? Our life depends on how we navigate it. No one's coming to save [...]

Caught in the Vortex

I travelled to Sedona following a trail of guidance. I didn't know why I left mysteriously and then, during the trip, I understood. I was going to get trapped by the vortex and I n[...]

Uni-Ted in Inspiration

You should do a Ted talk!, a friend suggested this year.   So I went within and stated: "If I'm meant to do one, then let me receive a message this week."   [...]

Dying to Live

I wake up again. Really? Do I really have to do this? My mind wanders back six years, to the sweetness of my youngest son’s delight and surprise when waking up to this dimension[...]

Ho'oponopono Meets Trump

Throughout this election process I've been quiet.  This morning I was thinking what I would say to Trump voters. Really? lol. Ok I can go deeper. I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. I [...]

Abuse in the Name of Yoga

Today was the first time that I was in Savasana (Corpse Pose) with tears falling off the side of my face and my body shaking as if it had been raped. It had been... energetically[...]

Hating Anger Is Never Useful

Where's the smile? I looked at my expression in the mirror and captured my shadow in a picture. Then I asked myself: What can we change within us to help with the overflowing anger[...]