Adventures & Travel

Roller-Coasting in Rishikesh

Waking up at 3am to start the day... Can that be a conscious choice? Or the curse of a tourist with jet lag in India? My body was moaning and willing to go back to sleep; it was my[...]

Silent Seeker in the Mist

The mist rolled up thickly through the mountain towards me while the pine trees stood stoically allowing the ghostly clouds to float by without resistance. My chest pounded lig[...]

Winds of Change Taking Me

Plans are just ideas created in our heads of how things should play out. Rarely do they match the reality of our lives. They help us move forward with certain direction and yet, wh[...]

Logged Out and Tuned In

My first trip to Colombia emerged from the desire to visit a close friend who recently moved down to Bogota. What I didn't anticipate was that unexpected experiences would be the m[...]

Stop Digging Up the Obstacles!

One of these mornings I woke up with my boxing gloves on. There was no one around to defend myself from or whom to throw an upper cut to. It was my own mind battling to figure out [...]