Love Poet

11209735_10153524617677400_1455564120834498104_nMAY THESE WORDS TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY OF LOVE AND SURRENDER





Divine Light
Brought me down
To a Land of Confusion
Distress and Illusion

Lost in the Shadows
Of Forgotten Truth
I scrambled through
Each moment

Gripping and Searching
With the rambling mind
In the past and
In the Future

Yet I was always Held
In this precious breath
of allowance and awareness
with Love and Purity

So Now I dance
The Light I Am
Humbled and Stregthened
Surrendered and Grateful

Shedding the chains
and Guided by my Heart
I Unwrap the Sacred gifts
and Share with you this Love

Wake up sweet children. Its a new day.

New beginnings! What adventure shall we go on today?!

Take a deep breath in. Mmmm.
Fill your heart with Godness.
Fill your Body with light.

Exhale everything that no longer serves you.
Relax. Here. You are safe. Loved.

Feel your way through the day.
Let your emotions be your gps.
Let the light inspire you.
Let the darkness invite you to open up and cleanse.

And if you stumble, suspend yourself right there.

Look up to the Heavens! Look down to Earth.

Ask for help.
Ask for guidance.
Ask for ease and grace.

For this World is ours to cherish.
We’ve just learned wrong ways.
We’ve just forgotten.
We are remembering sweet children.

Let’s bring purity and joy back to play with.
Receive the gift you are.
Claim it. Be it.

Ready to rise and shine?!

In the depth of Nothing
Stirs the possibilty
Of Everything

In the Breath of Now
Exists the Power
Of the Universe

In the Acceptance of Life
Continues the Flow
Of the Divine

In the grounding to the Self
Lies the Truth
Of Oneness

In this Moment in Time
Arises the opportunity
To Let Go

I hold my mind in a resting space
and the magic channels through
Suspended in each moment
the whispers from another realm
carry through with love to you.

I do not know where it comes from
except that it is pure and blessed.
A chance to be One with the Mystery
embraced every night and day
carry me with love to you.

May life caress our soul
With the warmth of butterfly tickles
Awakening our inner child

To rip us wide open
For Love that is unending
And overflows into pure creation.


Silence can Hear,
Feel and Know what
Noise and distraction
Will never comprehend.

Enjoy the Bliss of Home
And the journey to the
Space within.

Crickets and Cars
Stars and Lights
All Divine in this Now.

I’m on Fire!
said the girl
Scarred with flames,
Courageous in her fight

As the heat burnt through
To expose her soul
She emerged transformed a Goddess
Shining her light of gold.

I’m on Fire!
Said the women
Covered in flames
Ready to take flight.

I see you!

Beyond the appearance,
Beyond the ignorance,
Beyond the origin.

I see you
I know you
I am you

For love, courage and truth
Are the fabric of divine existence.

Love Is…
Waking up with awe and gratitude
Even when the alarm is piercing

Smelling the fragrant roses
Through the fertilizer

Smiling with twinkling eyes
When they still don’t get you

Gently purring out each exhale
When there’s only you to hold

Being kissed by the setting sun
When the boat has sailed away

And caressed by the evening breeze
When you lost your sweater

Going to sleep snuggled and held
When the bed is cold

Trusting all is Good
When all is raw

Love is
The Fabric of Life

Return to Love
And it fully Blossoms:

Waking up with awe and gratitude
As you feel your sweet heart

Smelling the fragrant roses
That you picked just yesterday

Smiling with twinkling eyes
As you dive into the depth of the soul

Gently purring out each exhale
As you relax into the Now

Being kissed by the setting sun
After a day of joy and adventure

And caressed by the evening breeze
With tickles and laughter

Going to sleep snuggled and held
Surrendering into the moment

Trusting all is Good.
Because it Is

The walls are crumbling
Tired of holding themselves
In isolation and struggle

The Sun heats the fortress
And makes it too hot
An invitation to stand naked

The rain pours down
And the foundation floods
Through the cracks of uncertainty

The winds are playing
And finding a way
Through each opportunity

The moon beams steadily
Lighting up the darkness
And casting shadows of mystery

And I sit here
seeing it happen.
Grate Full.
And putting my sword down.

Each end is a new beginning
and this evening is a celebration
of the journey of the Past
the excitement for the Future
and the gratitude of this moment.

To wake up and have the capacity to see

with fresh eyes the same view,

which is completely different…

Experience is the mother of Wisdom.

Curiosity is the father of Knowledge.

Presence is the child of an Intense Life.

Let it go!!!
And if you have to
hold on to something,
Catch a rainbow.

Morning Broke
The spell
Of the Night

No excuses
Are needed
On the New Day

For the past
Is gone
And Today remains

To be Lived
Breathed and
Braved again

Wake up!

I can feel my passion to live the day,
In the beauty of the Earth’s awakening.

Distant Love

Your silence would have shattered me

Had I not already been broken

Into nakedness, unarmed


Changing love

You whispered of your love to me

And yet as soon as the winds shifted

You cast it away like old leaves


Infant love

You forgot what you felt in the summer

During that cold winter day

Without vision of the blossoming Spring


Doubtful love

Your past betrayed the future

As the present was denied it’s breath

And died a quick death of agony


Impulsive Love

Your fire burned bright and seduced

All lady bugs to your costume of lover

leaving ashes in the hearts of your victims


Careless love

You made me feel like a Queen

And then I was placed in the buffet

Surrounded by the other appetizers


Divine love

You came to me at the end of my suffering

Radiant and inspired, peaceful and steady

Letting me know it was all worth it.

I hold you in my heart
With the strength of a blackhole.

I hold you in my dreams
With the sweet knowing you are real.

I hold you in my breath
With the certainty I never forget the next inhale.

I hold you in my mind
With the clarity of a perfect formula.

I hold you in my body
With an electric current overflowing.

I hold you in my hand
With a big smile on my lips.

I hold me
And we are One
So I will hold you forever.

Streaming tears
Of Nothing,
Just Illusion tainting
My vision
And I sob
For the lost joy
And the dust
That bittered my taste
In this Now I ask for
Deep clearing
As I choose
The Light of Love

Endless Moments before
We are The One
Our hightened senses
Vividly percieve all
drama and pain
Life generously gives us
Multiples of logical reasons
To isolate and be alone
Alas we are hit by one too many
So we victoriously choose to
Love it all

The journey is Eternal
So stop looking
For the Destination

The Glory Of Life
Awakens endlessly
As the Present

At the very bottom
With a grip on my Life

Do I fight?
And keep struggling
in the mud of yesterday?
Or do I melt, surrendering
Into the field of Light
Where a new canvas is awaiting?
Sadness and joy are a breath way.
As I allow the tears to flow
The opening of my Heart grows
And I hold myself where I Am
Love and Light
In this Now

‘What are You?’ asks the reflection.

I can’t say. What I do know is what I’m Not.

Not this body.

Not my thoughts.

Not even what you think I am.

I’m Not that.

Oh! Wait… Yes.

I Am Love.

At the End
Of the journey
There is nothing
To Prove

For we Are
Which I Am

Dancing to
This song
Of Eternal
Joy and Bliss

In the Now
Of Play and
Divine Flow

So I go deep into
This Cosmic
Party of

Or stay and resist?
And complain
And suffer
The pain

Of Illusion.
Such confusion!
I Let Go
And am renewed

This is the End
And I begin
On St Valentine’s

A singing bird landed
As I opened the window
To my soul

It chanted of life,
Of love, then Joy
and possibilities

I smiled from
My Heart
And Knew

That as it’s nest
I could
Inspire it to fly

Then we could
Both soar
Into the Horizon

Hold life as you hold the moon

In Awe!


Love is the Alter of Life
And what overflows from it
Is the Abundance 
Of Creation

When things and work
Become our Masters
We enslave ourselves
depleteing our true riches

So follow that blazing Heart
Into the fire of Now
And the fields of Gold
Will Appear

I sit and in that space I hold for you
a wave of madness rushes forth
for you have wanted to appear
for a long long time.

You stumble forth
upon my field
with the force of someone
who has been pushing with all his might.

And I recognize you before
Your presence is fully made
Because I have dreamt of you
during eternal moments.

I smile with your smile
and then the flash of lightning
stikes within us.
The light of grace, the Truth of God.
Embodied in our embrace.

I see you as if you were a stranger
With a tingling in my Heart
I Know You Intimately and yet 
There’s a newness each time
I look into the depth your eyes
Awe and expansive curiousity
Flame this Moment of Reflexion

I am the bird that flies to the horizon
and realizes that there is no destination

I am the bird that flies from home
and realizes that home is always with me

I am the bird that flies in a flock
and realizes the grace of together

I am the bird that flies freely
and realizes that life is an exciting exploration

I am the bird that flies and swoops
and realizes that change is inevitable

I am the bird that flies and rests
and realizes it’s love for the nest.

I am the bird
with wings
and nest.

Ask for Love
Be ready to crack open

Ask for Peace
Be ready to communicate honestly

Ask for Compassion
Be ready to understand the child within

Ask for Truth
Be ready to face your shadows

Ask for Joy
Be ready to skip, giggle and cuddle

Ask for Surrender
Be ready to let go of your fears

Ask for Grace
Be ready to receive magnificence

Ask for Aliveness
Be ready to explore

LOL friends.
Love Only Love.

My soul is singing
a dream of a life that is

It’s Here, so dear to me
Beloved Existence!

I smile within and then without.
For I don’t have a doubt
that what we cherish
we bring about.

Come here my darling
Rest now with me
You are so precious

Come here my Queen
Rest now with joy
You are sovereign

Come here my inspiration
Rest now with delight
You are so creative

Come here my breath
Rest now your heartbeat
You are so present

You know what happened next?

Marry me, Said my soul
Then I can give you
your soul’s desires.

And I did.

Oh the Human experience…
Even when there is more clarity
We are not above it
we’re still a part of it

So we live among the blind
And breathe out Wisdom
Guided by our Hearts
And the Humilty of Service

We are One and yet the puzzled
Pieces are awkward at best
And awakening is far for most
In the Pre-dawn of Earth

Light bewitches
The shadows of Duality
To Unravel the Mystery
Of Being Love

If I were to share
The extent of my love
Your Heart would expand
To a space of surrender:

The void in the womb of Earth
The promise of Heaven
The breath of the newborn
The gift of another day

If I were to share
The extent of my Love
Your Heart would remember
my longing for You.

So I choose
To be
Like the Pink Rose

Unconditional in love
Fragrant and fresh
Blossoming and
Opening up
To the light.

Fearless and more
Courageous than

Smell that Rose
Let it grow
Let it show
Me how.

Sunrise paints a picture
and no frame can contain
the Magic it envokes!

The search ends
When we find
We are home

With our fire
With our passions
With our patience
With our compassion
With our deep love
With our courage
With our transparency

With our fumbles
With our sadness
With our doubts
With our anger
With our despair
With our indecision
With our unforgiveness

With our best friend
Our own internal voice
Of endless support and self love
Who is less than a breath away
And allows the light and blessings
To shower upon us.

I can hold me.
I can laugh with me.
I can cry with me.
I can celebrate with me.
I can burn in the fire with me.
I can listen to me.
I can die and rebirth through me.

I am whole to Be
Everything my soul desires
I am free to share
With whom i dare
To open my heart
To create and delight
To shine so free.

So Be

What can I say?
What can I do?
What can I sing?
What can I bring?

To let you know
That I love you

What can I believe?
What can I let go?
What can I change?
What can I create?

To let you know
I’m ready for you.

What can I suggest?
What can I plan?
What can I consider?
What can I share?

To let you know
You’re a part of me.

What I can Be
What I can receive
What I can surrender
What I can hold within

Lets you know
I AM here for you.

The more love and compassion we attain,
The more power and awareness we are gifted.

Yet the control is no longer there
The agenda has dropped and we flow from a space

Beyond the mind
Beyond needing
Beyond judgement

To peace and serenity
Compassion and joy
For all that arises
Is perfectly in sync
With the next unravelling.


Are the Kings and Queens
Of our life.
The magicians of each moment.

I bow to the Light
I accept to be
A vessel for Thee.

When I weep
Let it form rivers of clearing

When I am angry
Let it burn into passion

When I am sad
Let me call out for help

When I am confused
let me be ok with not knowing

When I give up
Let me surrender to the Higher path

When I am exhausted
Let me fall into the Peace of the Beloved

When I am excited
let me sow the seeds of creation

When I Am
Let me just Be.

If I were an Angel
I would fly just above you
each day, each night.

Guard you from your fears
Whisper words of comfort
Hold your heart in mine.

I would take you a on journey
to the ends of this Earth,
Right to the edge

Where Rules are just dances
of flow and surrender
No right or wrong.

Where delightful laughter from
Invincible Masters
tickle the senses.

Where the fruit of life
is delicious and melting
into the heart of Source.

To spring back forth
with Power and Elation
to tell you again and again…

I love you!

If I were an Angel…
I’d sit here next to you
Humming this song.

In the silence of the night
At the end of the day
The apparent aloneness
Is just a screenplay

For all that we know
And all that we feel
Is the light of the
One that we are.

If FEAR was just a thought
(maybe it is… ; D )
can you ignore it?

What would you do?
Who would you call?
When would you do it?
Where would you be?

WHY wouldn’t you!?

If you stopped for a few

Tic tocs to listen to my vibes,
I would tell you the secrets
Of the Universe

Wrap you with the flow of grace
To let you fly into
The Wild embrace of Mystery
Waiting for you at the corner
of Here and Now

To expand your horizons
Beyond worry and concern
From problems that don’t really exist
and petty desires that can’t satisfy your soul

Then you would remember
These whispers that I murmur
As memories of never ending Knowing
Truth behold
The Core is Blinding

As I create you within me
You Are.
As you create me within you
I Am.

Time is a mere disguise
for what IS.

Self discovery opens the portal
To Love.


Yes. You!

Eyes wide open
Heart expanded
Grounded firmly
Aiming to the Light
Walls collapsing
Mind calming down
Surrendered to flow

Truth behold this Morning Glory!


What you say is irrelevant without aligned actions.
What you aspire to is a concern if you need it.
What you hold above you (other than God) is a way you give your power away.
What you promise is uncertain if you leave it for the future.
What you withhold from love is an act of treason.  
What you do not attempt is a lost opportunity.

It’s HOW you live that inspires me! With

Courage and Truth.
Passion and Consistency.
Connection and Compassion.
Surrender and Wisdom.

Remembering that the journey IS it.
With an undying conviction that right HERE is all we need.
Love in each other’s presence. Love within. Love without.

My JOB is to love this present I’ve been given.

Unwrap it.
Use it.
Cherish it.
Expand it.
Nurture it.
Live it.
Share it.
Forgive it.
Surrender it.
BE it.

My raison d’ être is to acknowledge the love I AM and bring that expression to Life.

It’s getting interesting!!

Do you KNOW you are a gift? I know you ARE. Trust it and Blossom.

I AM Undefined. Free. Beyond judgement. Detached from right or wrong.

And so are YOU when you choose it.

We are all of it
Light and Dark
Boundless and Beyond definition

We can acknowledge the shades of life
Experience each moment
Become aware of our emotions
Surrender to our hearts

Yet there is a never ending Mystery
of who we are
Even when we stand naked in Truth.

The Light side
The Dark side
Are just a part
Of this Human body

For we are One
On this journey of Exploration.

Explore from your heart and

the path will be illuminated

as you embrace the shadows.

I’m at the beach and the stars are winking at me.

Ask and you shall receive!! What’s on your wish list?

Starry night,
Infinite Universe:

Bless me
Cleanse me
Support me
Guide me
Love me
Inspire me

I surrender my mind
to higher wisdom

I surrender my doing
to inspired action

I surrender my body
to my crytalline structure

I surrender this moment
To the joy of being

I surrender my ego
To the humilty of grace

I surrender my life
To the One I AM.

May all your wishes already be yours.  

Change is the constant in my life!

Love is the inspiration in my life.

Friendship is the laughter in my life.

Family is the gratitude in my life.

Sleep is the refuge in my life! Lol


Stillness is a friend
Who listens unconditionally.

Stillness is a partner
Who supports unconditionally.

Stillness is a mother
Who loves unconditionally.

Stillness is a father
Who guides unconditionally.

Stillness is a stranger
Who smiles unconditionally

Stillness is an angel
Who hovers unconditionally

Stillness is a full moon
Which shines unconditionally.

Gnite friends
Gnite lover
Gnite mother
Gnite father
Gnite stranger
Gnite angel
Gnite moon!!

Fall back into this moment.
We’ve rushed ahead into the future.

Fall back into Trust
We’ve forgotten all this is a gift.

Fall back into play
We’ve forgotten this is our playground.

Fall back into forgiveness.
We’ve forgotten how to let go and grow.

Fall back into Love
We’ve forgotten we are One.

Fall back into nothing
We’ve forgotten we are everything.

Fall back into the night
We’ve forgotten it will carry us to a new beginning.

Fall back
I got you.


That dawn, the Rose felt chilly
yet the Warmth of the stem
Was proof of her Aliveness.

As the Sun magestically appeared
She recognized him immediately
And welcomed to another day.

Steady and consistent
Radiant and ever so present,
He advanced higher into the Sky

Hence inviting the Rose to
Relax with the warmth of the Rays
And gently unravel each delicate petal

Alas, the Rose was the fragrent One
Generously sharing her beauty
In the Garden around her.

As the shadows started to dance
And the light got dimmer
She wrapped herself again

Yet the Rose was not the same
For the Love of the Sun
Let her remember her own Grace.

Take a walk to
The other side
Of the rainbow.

Take a look to
See beyond
The apparent reality.

Take a breath to
Still yourself
And find clarity.

Take a moment to
Thank yourself
For all that you do.

Because I love you!

An angel by my side
So soft and gentle
Loving and Kind
A memory of a friend
Who reached out to me.

Now all he wants to do
Is to be of service
Yes, he’s your ally for
what you desire
Just Trust and admire.

What is my wish for Valentine’s?

My greatest desire is be an expression of pure Love.

When we claim it so powerfully, we can bring
Heaven down to Earth!

To remember and know
That through sweet surrender
We become the ones
We’ve been waiting for.

To walk on this Earth
Healing her with each breathe
Playing with her with each step.

To become sovereign
Over our bodies
And Royal in our commands

To invite all that is sacred
To join us in this dance of Life
Creating prosperity, love and light for all.

That is my wish.
And if it’s yours I extend it to you. Happy Valentine’s 
I Love you!


It’s too dark to see…
So relax, close your eyes and follow my voice.

Just behind the gate, the beach expands like a cool and welcoming carpet as I arrive unannounced. Butterflies of excitement appear inside my belly.

The Ocean is rippling at the edge playfully caressing the sand. They seem to be offering seaweed to each other.

The sky brings me to my knees as I look up to the infinite expanse. Sparkling stars and communities of constellations are painted above me. I invite the Heavens to tickle me with its brush. Cheerfully it obliges.

The crickets sing to the rhythm of the night and the water plays along with delight. They invite me to dance along.

The trees bring messages from Mother. Earth is always supporting me. Yes, i will listen some more.

I bow down in gratitude for this gift. I receive the blessings and skip my way home, excited to share my experience with you.

Listen to your Heart
Even if it’s whispering
Something unexpected!

Feel the sunset behind the clouds.
Spread your vibrant wings
To set yourself free.

In that honoring of the moment,
You Are, breathe and know
All there Is.

Deep deep within our soul
Is the key to transform:
To believe and know
That all answers we do hold.

The We is the issue
We must first resolve
For who or what makes it
Possible to evolve.

When we understand,
When ours heart are aligned
Then we end the Journey
Alas a new mankind!

Life has begun again
This time True
Oh I Am so grateful.
Yes so should you!

While Heaven rains down blessings
Earth nurtures our essence.

Still we complain of loss and confusion
Disconnected from our source
Focused on an unrailed World
Not knowing what we’re worth.

We blame them!
We blame him.
We blame someone over there…

Flame! Flame!
Is the Word.
Focus on the flame
Then we win
the Universe of Love.

We all else fails…
there’s God
The Universe
The Creator.

As we surrender…
the limitations fall
The doing becomes being
The heart ache becomes heart expansion
The shadow becomes the dancer.

We all else fails…
becomes the joke
For in trusting we find
We’ve always been adored.
We’ve always had everything we needed.
We’ve always had the key to Heaven on Earth.
There was no aloneness
There was no lack
There was no key.

Just you and me
A bit confused
Now we can see
Now we can be
Love to thee.

It is in darkness that we desire the light
It is in sunshine that we beg for shade

It is in forgetting that we shield our pain
It is in loving that we begin again

To live the life we deserve to breathe
To be the ones we enjoy to Be

Contrast is the teacher.
Love, the ultimate preacher

You, me, We
One again.
Won today.

Wake up wake up wake up!

Time to breathe
Time to dance
Time to smile
Time to Be
Time to hug
Time to listen
Time to surrender
To the day
Unfolds with the awe and
A child!

Open up your bubbling heart and let it beat to the rhythm of life.
Shine like the sun waking up and stretching out into the infinite horizon.
Drop the weight. the stress. the drama. the shields. the struggle.
Let go of the past. Let go of the future.
Breath in the light.
Breath out the limitation.
Reclaim your divine existence.
Giggle your sparkly joy without restrain.
Be the LOVE that you are so purely.
I hold you in my heart so dearly.
I choose YOU. I AM you.
I LOVE you!


We are afraid to show our pain, thinking we will be rejected.
We are afraid to show our struggles, believing we loose our capacity to inspire.
We are afraid to love, believing something can be taken away from us.
We are afraid to feel weakness, thinking we will be trampled upon.
We are afraid to cry, believing it is a useless experience.

In fact, it is our humanity that makes us lovable and approachable.
It is the absence of fear that makes us truly LIVE.

So I vow to LOVE my humanity. I vow to release all fear.
I commit to sharing with you from my heart.

Each crack of pain is the armor breaking loose, showing me the love that I AM within. A love that is unconditional and never ending. Mine. Me. Completely safe and beyond theft.

I AM Love.
I choose to love fearlessly.
Receive gracefully.
Give generously.
Live abundantly.

Ah yes. Another layer lifted.
Lighter. Brighter. Loving you.

A deep shift occurs within.

Let go and fall into this precious moment which is more vibrant than our past, more powerful than our future and soul full of GOoDNESS.

Trust it. Breathe it. Remove the barriers. Stop defending. For in our peace and self love, the aggression dissolves and the blessings arrive.

ASK for the most amazing life. ASK for ease and grace. Listen to your heart’s desire. Don’t give up… faith is required along with determination and persistence.

We ARRIVE (where we always were) when we start dancing with this flow and our hearts light up with the innocence of laughter and joy.

Sensual dance. Tingly giggles. Expansive energy. Belly breaths. Beating heart. In the simplicity of BEING we heal, we create, we share in Love.

Yeah baby.

Suspended in this moment. No past. No future. Simply here.

The past can hold us in old patterns repeating endlessly. Trapped in small definitions of our life. The future can create anxiety and a sense of not having arrived yet.

The answer is in PLAY. Feel the joy that everything is taken care of. That life is unraveling to support us. Recieve the abundance. In that presence, let life move us into aligned ACTION. Moved from a deep wisdom.

Stillness is NOT doing nothing. It’s the absence of both rejection and attachment while flowing with what IS present at each moment.

Be HERE so intensely that it’s all there IS. 


Love used to be a verb.

Now it’s a simple statement of Truth.

It’s what I Am. What you are!  That’s the fabric of consciousness.

Anything else is a program of separation which can be cleaned up with intention and commitment!

Each day I am in awe of the people I interact with. Many new friendships have the depth of lifetimes. So grateful for my family, for my old and new friends and for those to come.

8 minute stop at the beach on my way home!

8 – Breathe
7 – Ground
6 – See from a new perspective
5 – Be grateful
4 – Flow like the Ocean
3 – Fly like the birds
2 – Sense the Sun in my heart.
1 – Be love.

Ready for my boys!!!

Love is the ultimate reason to be here. It IS what we are.

When we are awake to it’s precious nature, everything else falls away. Priorities change. Every breath is a miracle. Every heartbeat, the rhythm of the Universe.

Each smile a gift. Each tear a stream of emotion.

Every single one of us a gem to be found, honored and treasured.

I AM love. I AM grateful.
Thank you God for the miracle of Life!!

Oh how patiently

You wait for me


And Quiet


Singing your Song

and carrying

Your tune

In Silence


Inviting me

At every moment

To show up

And Twirl


So I give

Thanks for your


Sweet guitar of mine

Death is coming

to this Known life

as I can no longer

take another

Stagnant breath.


Death is welcome

as I know life

has a lighter rhythm

and another

richer breath.


Death is home

when I know Life

as a long letting go

for another

blessed Breath.


To fully Live

we Die to untruth

and are reborn


Open so many doors
That the walls collapse
And ONENESS prevails.

In the Silence of Presence,

everything is heard, held and loved.

We’re always
in the right place,
at the right time
when we’re Here. 

Lightning strikes 


The mind dissolves

into the awe of Heart.

Sometimes we find
that there is nothing lost.

All we have to do is Be
Present to this Now.

I Am the Divine in disguise
Waiting for you to Find me
In the Ray of Light.

For the shadow cast upon you
Is simply a breath away
From the blessed garden

Step outside your comfort zone
To be stripped of the cobwebs
And stand raw in the thunder of Truth


A line crossed my mind,
it was the damp sensation
of a misconstrued thought.

The repeating storms of life!
In strife I pondered my options
and anxiety took hold of my peace.

By grace, I was hit by lighting
the kind that awakens you into clarity
and the shadows of the past dissolve

Leaving way for a clear pasture
where the Heart can roam free
and the wings stretch out with delight.

Unguarded, I shed my tears too

for they carry such deep sorrow

that they could carve out

the eternal pain of Humanity

and reach the Core of Love.

Life is the Masterpiece
Of Existance.

We make of it
What we dare to unfold.

Brave Ones

When the Heart is ready to see,
Life shows up in full bloom.

My son…

It’s not what you do
Not what you think or say
Not anyone’s opinion
What ultimately matters. 

Simply Give your best
In each moment
From your Heart
In service to Humanity

Without agenda
Without needing to prove
Or show others who you are
Or what you deserve

For you are always
The son of God
A spark of Cosmic dust
An experience of the Universe

Simply shed the dirt
And the blinds from Truth
So you can unravel into
A life of Joy and Creation.

Love, Loved, Loving
You Are

I look out at the sky with
the same eyes of yesterday
Yet today they are fresh
with the awe of Now.

What if we always remembered we are the Light?

Dare to try?!

I see the Horizon
yet my Soul
Just wants to
Rest Here and Now.

Dynamic rest…
A surrendered flow
That carries Us
In the womb of Grace.

I have fallen in Love
Several times in this life
And in that stumble
Gave away my power

Now I rise in Love
And share what I Am
As I fly free above
The old paradigm

Meet me high above
The drama of humanity

To embody Oneness
In Flesh and Blood

Now we can dance
to the rhythm of Harmony
Embracing life and
The Joy of Being


When we starve the ego of success
Victory belongs to the Self
And the Whole Earth Blossoms

As a smile curves along my lips
I savor a deep and long exhale
And a tingling in my Heart.

The gifts we oversee…
Until we discover them

Bee like the fragrant flower

that offer’s it’s Nectar

to the flow of Life.

I lost my mind and found the One
Love within that doesn’t label or judge

A serene space of Being.

Dancing within and without
For balanced Presence.

Fragments of Polarity
Painted as postive or negative
Distracting our life from
The Purity of Expression.

Time to say goodbye shattered self
Dissolving into the Ocean Of Oneness
I Am Forever Free and
Endlessly Alive!

I feel wild like a rugged mountain
Which has stood firm through hurricanes,
Taken a deep breath through floods
Held the fire within during dark days
Crumbled with the Earthquakes
Shed tears with the melting ice caps
And raging thunderstorms

To then erupt with Passion
And birth higher grounds
Holding space for new life
With promising beginnings

When I let go of WHO I am
I find that I Am

Her secret

Is so juicy and alive

That you might

Want to chase her

If only for a lil while

To roll in the waves of flow

And be tickled by the vibes

Of that child of light

Fresh out of the tunnel


Her secret

Is what you already know

You’ve just forgotten!


She sleeps in a state of awakening

Present to her resting state

and dancing in the vortex of change

For her soul has done this many times

And is ready to unfold

Truth, Love, and Light

Your Heart loved me

Yet your fears

Got in it’s way


Your Soul knew me

Yet your ego

Got in our way


Your Eyes saw me

Yet your confusion

Got in the way


I forgive you

For you live not

In your Truth

I saw a glimpse

Of the Man

The could Be


You felt seen,

Loved and

Yet faltered


For your ego

Took flight

And empowerment


To fall lower

Into the waters

Of ambition


Tainted with

Insecurity, greed

And false intentions





and me?



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