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Oops! He Did It Again!

Honestly, it hurts. I walked around all afternoon on Sunday with a gift for my boys' baby brother and ended up bringing it back with me to my sister's apartment. I don't get it. [...]

When You Win, I Win!

How do we traditionally feel about others' success? Since we are often in a competition mindset, seeing another person 'win' means we loose. If that's guiding us, how can we be che[...]

I'm an EXtra Mom!

My boys are about to have a baby brother!!! NO! I'm not pregnant. Their dad remarried and his wife is ready to give birth to baby Leo. We will be traveling to NYC to welcome him in[...]

I Will Play If You Are Nice

You know those mornings you wake up and the first thing that comes screaming back into your mind is last night? S#**! Really?! Did that just happen?! Yeah. You know those... Cringe[...]