Mena is Incrediblly Gifted, her processes will assist and help you in matters that really matter, the fogginess dissolves, you will have clarity, seeing beyond the horizon, with powerful tools at your disposal. Each of her sessions are unique, as she has the capacity to draw out your most relevant concerns, utilising various modalities. Highly recommend Menafesting for your next breakthrough – Emi Jackson, Global Facilitation, Australia.

“Mena is truly a light in this world. She has a fierce loving heart of a true healer and a wise independent mind of a true spiritual teacher. She holds a deep space with a high level of awarenesss for raw expression and deep inner transformation. She is an alchemist for the light in a deep state of communion with the Universe. It is a blessing for anyone to hold space and co-create with her.” Kane Tuma – www.energyclearing.org

“Mena met with me and my cofounder last week and we haven’t left a meeting as happy and clear about our purpose as we did that day last week. Since then, amazing things have started to happen for me & our company! There’s a great feeling in our office about where we’re headed, thanks to Mena. Definitely a special gift that she possesses!! Excited to see what the future holds for her and all those who are lucky enough to meet with her! Highly recommended.” Matt Boney.

“It’s hard to explain the amount of benefit Mena has brought into my life. After our first session, I felt as if the floodgates of my potential were opened, and haven’t stopped flowing since. I feel more fearless to go after the greatest life I can live both in my personal life and my career. Mena has continued to follow up with me and continued to support me on my journey with her insights, advice, and ideas. Only work with Mena if you want to manifest the most amazing life for yourself!” – Julian Castro www.joulestudios.com

“I love Mena! She is both erudite and intuitive. Mena possesses the wonderful ability of identifying limiting belief systems and bulldozing them with power and positivity. Every encounter I have with Mena is uplifting and empowering. You’ll see!” Garden-Olivia Narcisse.

“My first session with Mena was about 15 days ago, the day before a scheduled surgery. I was really anxious so I needed to calm down somehow. She offered me her help, and I took it. And I’m really glad I did!I live in Buenos Aires, so we did this via Skype. And distance wasn’t an issue at all! Despite the fact that we were thousands of kilometers away, it felt like we were sharing the same room. And being aware that we weren’t, made us feel even closer.
Thank you Mena for your words and guidance. You definitely have an amazing gift, and know how to share it. ♥♥♥” – Josefina Aguilar Benitez

Mena you ARE a true being of light shining in the World. Thanks for your love and service of reminding all of us that we ARE. – Rolando Gadala Maria.

“Mena is an extraordinary being in touch with rare healing power. I attended an event in which Mena “worked the energy.” She danced. She role-played. She utilized stunning performance art. Reflecting a pure joyous awareness, she became a shining mirror, in which she offered others a rare opportunity to see themselves quite clearly.
In the course of the event I realized, I had never completely mourned and said goodbye to my mother, who passed away 8 years ago. With Mena’s help I felt the remorse, the anger and the abandonment of losing my mother. It was an uncomfortable process that Mena supported with unconditional love and an inner joy that only a seeker of Truth can bring. In the same session, my emotional reaction to my daughter’s experience with a stalker surfaced. Again Mena was steadfast in the support of expansion of consciousness. She explained that any judgment or crippling co-dependence would weaken my daughter’s self-efficacy for recovery.She pointed the way for resolving these issues within myself and my daughter.
Mena is capably of facilitating major shifts in motivation and personal empowerment. Be prepared for a unique experience. Be prepared to be surprised. Be prepared to laugh. Be prepared to have fun. – Bruce W. Robie
State of Florida Certified Addictions Professional
State of Florida Certified Mental Health Professional
Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Mena helped me release toxic energy and negative emotions. She offered me guidance that led to clarity and self love. If you’re lucky enough to meet this woman, let her in. She’s nothing but a positive light. – Will Lantz – Awaken Flow Session

Thank you Mena for being an inspiration. Thank you for being the light and the bridge to my own spiritual awakening. Your presence, knowledge, and spirit fills my heart with light, love and awareness… allowing me to become a better human being and woman. Thank you for sharing all of it with me, your friends and community. May the universe and God continue to bless you. All my love. – Caro Nieto – Awaken Flow Program (in Spanish)

Mena es un excelente elemento para cualquier curso de superación personal o búsqueda interna. Sus cursos de son motivaciónales y llenos de herramientas muy útiles que podrán ser usadas mucho después del curso y a lo largo de la vida. Ella está llena de vida, energía, intereses y sabiduría la cual transmite en su curso y en su propia vida. Es una fuente de luz digna de conocerse o experimentar. – Erika Luft – Awaken Flow Program (in Spanish)

Through her workshop Awaken Flow, Mena will help you discover your passion and realize your dreams, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Josefina Campiani – Awaken Flow Program (in Spanish)

Our first meetings were nothing short of spectacular, and everything that has happened after that has become increasingly intense, beautiful, and blissful in every sense. Mena is a soul with a deeply-rooted sense of freedom and flow, and she entices you to become that —and much more—. Her capacity to help you unfold your self-observation, your capabilities, and your truth, through oracle card readings is a divine gift that I personally believe many should explore with her.  Thank you Mena for flowing as you do. Divine Love is all there is, was, and will be. – Santiago Fonseca – Oracle Card Reading and Clarity Conversation.

Being surrounded by the voice and presence of this powerful and nurturing woman, is an experience I deeply recommend. The first session I felt a bliss that awakens only when you find truth. Her love is truth, her voice is truth, and the silence you find inside yourself when you go deep into this practice is the source of it all. Thank you for everything you teach and share! – Minerva Owens – Vocal Coach The Voice Kids – Yoga Nidra Event

During the program, I got lots of motivation and tools to get my life organized and explore more knowledge to evolve. I loved writing and seeing magic when I didn’t know what to write. Yes! I recommend it! – Marcela Gaviria – Awaken Flow Program

Mena lead a sound bowl healing session with another instructor and it was one of the best i had experienced. i felt a sense of release and a burst of happy energy after it was done. id recommend anyone to attend any class Mena is leading as she lends a warm presence and pure sense of compassion. you’ll walk away uplifted. – Alex Pappas – Crystal Bowls and Meditation Event

I was at the inaugural Menafesting! The journey though this experience has been amazing! I learn something every single time I come and see so many like minded spirits that are my neighbors. They are everywhere! The opportunity to join as a group, to Menafest such incredile energy from this Universe just blows my mind. It is done in a loving, beautiful environment every time I come there is some else or more than one person that I met before or I needed to meet, that I am blessed to be here. Thank you Mena. We love you! – Cheryl Lawko – Menafesting Community Event

“It’s great to be around people willing to be their best for themselves, their families and their communities, and to have this space and time to share and to learn so much! Thanks Mena!” – Silvina Dibar – Menafesting Community Event

“Thank you Mena for another evening of insight. On Thursdays after your class I am always up to something new. See you next Wednesday. Hugs Always” – Paula Petry Lalinde – Menafesting Community Event

“Some things just become forgotten under the myriad of life’s details, and slowly we allow to become overwhelmed by a snowball of stresses, issues, worries, you name it. Some of these became workable through a rational recipe of fun steps when speakers at the Menafesting Community meeting drew a new picture of where our focus might bear more fruit and yield to life of happiness. I’m going there again for sure.” – Toli Bean – Menafesting Community Event

“I’m grateful for being part of this group, thank you Mena Teijeiro for your dedication, smile and support! Love u.” – Menchi Lizarralde – Menafesting Community Event

“Thank YOU Menita Linda. It felt a true honor to be part of such successful and powerful group. I felt very inspired” – Vero Vidal – Menafesting Community Event

“Thank you Mena for such a magic and energetic moment. Thank you all. You are Great” – Saida Santana Mahmut -Menafesting Community Event

I have been to a Yoga Nidra session only once and it was amazing! It gets deep and so mesmerizing with the channeled sounds. I look forward to some more of that deliciousness. Lucia Magalhaes – Yoga Nidra and Crystal Bowls event



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