Love Poet


Poems of Truth to Transform your Inner Landscape


Sharing on her blog and on her Facebook page for years, Mena suddenly realized that flow had created the contents of this volume of poems that carry the essence of love and truth, disappointment and loss, abandonment and loneliness, and joy and innocence.

Her gift of feeling by being present, and alchemizing these tender and precious moments into vibrant words, is offered as whispers to your higher self. The Alchemy of Words celebrates remembrance of truth, clarity of confusion, and love of being.

Enjoy this preview!

Sacred Gifts

Divine Light
Brought me down
To a land of confusion,
Distress and illusion.

Lost in the shadows
Of forgotten truth,
I scrambled through
Each moment,

Gripping and searching
With the rambling mind
In the past and
In the future.

Yet I was always held
In this precious breath
of allowance and awareness,
with love and purity.

So now I dance
The light I am,
Humbled and strengthened,
Surrendered and grateful.

Shedding the chains
and guided by my heart,
I unwrap the sacred gifts
and share with you this love.



A line crossed my mind,
it was the damp sensation
of a misconstrued thought.

The repeating storms of life!
In strife, I pondered my options
and anxiety took hold of my peace.

By grace, I was hit by lightning,
the kind that awakens you into clarity
and the shadows of the past dissolve,

giving way for a clear pasture
where the heart can roam free
and the wings stretch out with delight.


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