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Claim Your True Nature

Have you experienced...

  • Overwhelm of the unknown.

  • Endless distractions.

  • Self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

  • Overload of information and not implementing it.

  • Feeling unsupported by your environment or anchored by responsibilities. 

  • Recurring anxiety/depression. 

  • Difficulty navigating between discipline and flow.

  • Fear regarding the state of the World.

Image by Jeremy Perkins

I empower you to...

  • Establish a fertile foundation for consistent creation through time.

  • Feel peace by addressing all areas in your life with inspired perspectives. 

  • Organize teachings from programs, books, and teachers you have previously invested in to incorporate them into your day. 

  • Increase the productivity of your efforts through a clear approach to subtle energies.

  • Be seen, deeply heard, and acknowledged.

  • Transmute old energies and upgrade to a new paradigm of abundance and joy.

I ignite people who experience the pain of… “This CAN’T be IT!!! They want to claim a deeply fulfilling life and are passionate about bringing more light to the World in a way that honors their own peace and harmony and uplifts others too.


My embodied joy is the result of deep inner work and it is my passion and delight to help others transcend the limitations they are dealing with. I believe my soul chose to experience these difficulties to assist this planet in clearing these patterns. There is no shame in how we’ve stumbled. We can choose deep communion with the Truth that we are and be of service to others by sharing our path to wholeness and our celebration of life. 

I have struggled in this lifetime and through constant work and intention, I transcended: emotional abuse, fear of public speaking, eating disorder, extreme sensitivity to energies, low self-esteem, divorce, depression, chronic pain, multiple international and domestic relocations, single parenting, career change, start-up life, poor boundaries, early empty-nest, explant surgery, and more...

My sovereign soul integrates tools and skills from more than a decade of inner work, studies, and certifications in healing modalities and development. Awaken Flow™ is a comprehensive approach that I originally received through meditation in 2015 and kept developing, which empowered me in the process as I embodied it and shared it with groups and clients.

Mena Teijeiro makes SHIFT happen. She possesses a natural and intuitive ability to connect with others and bring out their most vibrant, joyful self to the foreground. Her Awaken Flow program was designed with the ethos of living a full and abundant life NOW, and is just one of the many transformational processes in Mena’s toolkit that’s transformed my every day in big ways.


Being the best we can be takes work and Mena’s presence makes the process of showing up and leveling up feel like play.

– Jess Mendez

Digital Product Coordinator at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

My first session with Mena was the day before a scheduled surgery. I was really anxious so I needed to calm down. I live in Buenos Aires, so we did this via Skype and distance wasn’t an issue at all. It felt like we were sharing the same room! Thank you Mena for your words and guidance. You definitely have an amazing gift and know how to share it.

– Josefina Aguilar Benitez

Head of Content at

Mena met with me and my cofounder last week and we haven’t left a meeting as happy and clear about our purpose as we did that day last week. Since then, amazing things have started to happen for me & our company! There’s a great feeling in our office about where we’re headed, thanks to Mena. Definitely a special gift that she possesses!! Excited to see what the future holds for her and all those who are lucky enough to meet with her! Highly recommended.” 

– Matt Boney

CEO at Daycation


"I perceive the most significant limiting beliefs and behaviors you are experiencing and create space for you to establish a fertile foundation for authentic and sustainable growth."

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