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Date Published: August 5, 2013

A, B, C, D is how we are used to seeing life. I C: A, B, D. I see Abundance. It’s my perspective. What do you want to see in your life? Let’s assume we all want abundance. A more relevant question is… can we embrace it?!

I learned a pot full of wisdom spending nine days with my family in the Mayan Riviera. We stayed at a beautiful all inclusive property in Playa del Carmen, just 40 minutes south of Cancun. A few days into our stay, one of my sisters mentioned how saturated she was with the whole excess of delicious meals and drinks all over the resort. It sparked my interest.

If we complain when we get an overflow of resources and time, what message are we sending out? First we signal that we want it all (delicious food and drinks in this example); then we complain when we have too much of it!!! Yes. I understood my sister’s point of view when I was eating without hunger and yet I realized that it is important to be grateful for abundance and adapt my relationship to it rather than complain about it.

Abundance, let’s make a deal so it works out for all of us!

Moderation. I saw the ‘pull’ from abundance telling me ‘make the most of it!!”. More food and more drinks will not make me happier. You know that too. I could end up eating things that I am sensitive to, gain weight, feel drained and intoxicated. I had to make my own clear decisions as if food were a scarce resource. When there is abundance, we tend to place value poorly.

Temporary Conscious Surrender. I ate more than usual and I also drank a glass of wine each night so I would be too lazy to read or work. I adapted by walking every day on the beach for an hour and giving my food an extra blessing so it would be kind to me.

Gratitude. I took in the vibration of abundance so I would know how to prolong the feeling after the trip was over and invite it to be a part of my life. I was also appreciative for the extra time with my family. I vibrate in the thought that my family is always around and that pulls them close. Latest news is my older sister will be visiting me in a few weeks and one brother is moving to Miami very soon. : )

My two boys are on holiday with their dad for seventeen days (another two weeks to go!) and Time is abundant! I already miss them. Will I complain about all this time apart from them? NO! I value every minute as a precious moment where I can create possibilities of growth and happiness.

I let go of doing in Mexico and I embraced the break from my usual endeavors; I received so much more than I could imagine. This lesson alone will allow me to expand and I wish for it to help you too. Fully embrace abundance and appreciate it as a miraculous gift!




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