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Date Published: April 8, 2018

This is a picture I WON’T post. Why?

There’s a double standard. If you’re a model, have lots of followers, or you’re someone famous… then you’re amazing. Cool! Sexy. Sensual. A badass. Que diosa!

If you’re just a neighbor, a friend, a person they know, then WTF is up with you!? I mean, really! Who do you think you are?

Some people see you as a threat. Feel uncomfortable with you. Why? Well, their own unresolved issues arise because you are comparable. They feel their lack of self-love. Their own doubts. The insecurities they haven’t faced. So it’s easier to push you away and dislike you than face their own inner struggles. Just tap within and feel it. Right now, it’s embedded in the human experience and I am here to guide and help people dissolve this.

You know what?! We are all MODELS.

I model higher consciousness. I bring a lighter, brighter way of being, and I feel empowered in my knowing, in my humble offering of the light, to embody the radiance that we Are.


This is a soulfie: a message to the world from my soul; not a selfie: expecting your approval or not.

This is an invitation to connect to your sensuality. To the energy that we are. Honor it. Shine bright. For you. From you. Shamelessly. With gratitude.

Our light should not be seen as a provocation. It is a divine gift. Unfortunately, society is starved of love and connection so it is often misinterpreted. This is NOT an invitation for men or women to reach out for the body. Layers of lust are also meant to be cleared and they are each individual’s responsability to address. We can’t blame others for being attracted to them.

Feel magnetized? An authentic and respectful offering anyone can make is support a person’s highest purpose in this lifetime. Support their vision!

So this is the kind of picture I WON’T STOP posting if there’s a meaningful message I want to share. This is me feeling safe and honored. Tapping into the fire of #life and reminding you what we are.

I’m holding space for women to feel safe and let themselves blossom into their essence. I am holding space for men to wake up, honor women and allow them to unravel gently. ✨🌹✨

I model self-love. Let’s do this.

With love,


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