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Date Published: October 15, 2014

Shameless. Egocentric. Show-off. Attention-grabber.

Every single teenager you come across in our society knows what a ‘selfie’ is. Take a picture of yourself with your arm stretched out in front, say “cheese” or pucker up, and bingo! Last week was the premier of a new TV show on ABC by that name, showing the intricacies of life in the eye of social media.

The judgment we hold against the selfie and the way we take and share these pictures can offer us a glimpse into the consciousness of individuals and that of our social circles.

Let’s take a journey into different aspects of the selfie. I’m laying it out in clearly defined phases to make a point. Non of us can be put into a box, nor narrowly defined: we are all unique, infinite and ever-changing!

Phase 1 – COLLAGE: Like me! Am I worthy of your following? What can I do to make you accept me? Are these the right clothes? Am I popular enough? Did I say the right thing? Do I look trustworthy? I’m available and attractive.

We become a collage of what society expects, likes and dislikes. There is an awareness of what is popular, and we try to fit in to deserve being loved and and to be part of a group. Mostly, we do this subconsciously as we are on automatic programs and gravitate towards behaviors to be accepted. We want to be loved!!!

Phase 2 – AVERSION: There’s an awareness of how individuals are soliciting support and approval on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among other social media outlets. Sharing a picture of ourselves seems vain, useless and makes us feel uncomfortable. The selfie is selfish and self-centered. We occasionally share when we are in groups with friends.

Phase 3 – SIGNALING TOWER: Judgment is a thing of past lives. We know what we ARE and what our message is for the World. We are a gift to ourselves, our families and communities. Each time we share, we are a beacon of what we believe in. We create a loyal following of souls who are aligned with our passion. It is irrelevant what others who are not aligned think; they are entitled to their opinion and we simply focus on what expands us.

Yes! I AM a Soulfie lover, and I share my joy for life as an igniter and creator of possibilities. I know we are all a part of a puzzle, each unique and necessary for the Whole to Heal. I invite you to shine your light, to proudly and courageously walk your own path.

A soulfie can be the personal journal of your evolution, memories of moments in time, revelations you want to remember. Yes! It can be just for you. Look at your past, your present and fall in love with the being that you are. On another snap, it can be a vulnerable sharing of your evolution. Perhaps a before and after of your now toned and slim body. It can be a window to the Universe in your soul.

Several weekends ago, I taught this soulfie concept to a group of teenagers at a Menafesting TeenAngels Funshop. In the same manner that I guided them, I say to you: Close your eyes right now. Feel your heart, calm your mind, connect to something you are passionate about. Sense that energy that you are. Now pick up your camera and take this first soulfie!!! I invite you to share it on our Menafesting Community page or your own wall and share what your passion is.

There is no right or wrong in a picture. We are always made of the fabric of life and the vibrations of source. So, don’t judge the selfie, since we would be adding negative energies to it. Whatever you see, send it love for that high vibration has the power to heal you, us, and the World.

Soulfie love from me to you!

Love, light and Laughter!


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