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Before you fully embark on your big dreams,

make sure your foundation is fertile

and can support you for authentic and

sustainable growth.

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Image by Kai Pilger

Mission: I Empower Heart-Led Givers Who Feel Drained, to Be the CEO of their Life.

Image by Kai Pilger

"As you nurture your fertile foundation, you can cross-pollinate and thrive with your hive."

Mena is an extraordinary enlightened gift for this world. She has the caring soul of a true healer combine with an awe-inspiring mind and powerful personality. She is a blessing to everyone that has had the pleasure of spending time with her and witnessing how she connects with her higher self and the universe to shine her light to the world and on everybody she works with. I have so much admiration for her work and I would recommend it to anybody that wants to awaken, discover and create the best in their life.”

– Berjheny del Mar

Conscious Serial Entrepreneur at Creatige

I love the way Mena trusts her amazing intuitive gifts to guide her in the moment as she plays the sound bowls and guides the meditation which made both sessions completely different. I have also had tuning fork healing and personal consulting on several issues in my life with Mena. Once again, her intuition and insights are amazing and truly helpful when one is open to discovering and learning how to speak their own truth.

– Blaine Lower

Equine Teacher

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