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Celebrating all the souls that have the courage to do the inner and outer work and claim their authentic joy!


These are some client testimonials from a variety of experiences: energy work, consultations, Awaken Flow ™ program, or retreats at my sanctuary. 

Choose it. Claim it. Be it. 

Mena’s program exposed me to an entirely new understanding of mental health, social contracts, and personal relationships. Her support and her honesty guided me to identify harmful self-preservation mechanisms in my field and introduce principals of self-love and alignment. It has been, and even continues to be, an awakening mentally, spiritually, and even physically.

–Alan Sealy
Awaken Flow™ Foundation Program.​

I was emotionally drained, didn’t know how to make choices, and felt disempowered.
With Awaken Flow, I learned my self-worth, how to set boundaries, felt free to make decisions that supported me (without worrying about others opinions), and found inner peace.
Thanks to this, I am a more positive person and in my power. I notice the little things that bring me joy even on more difficult days!

-Dalton Rollins

Awaken Flow™ Foundation Program.​

Mena is truly a light in this world. She has a fiercely loving heart of a true healer and a wise independent mind of a true spiritual teacher. She holds a deep space with a high level of awareness for raw expression and deep inner transformation. She is an alchemist for the light in a deep state of communion with the Universe. It is a blessing for anyone to hold space and co-create with her.”

My experience at The Florrest was indescribably good. In a private consultation, Mena was able to guide me to parts of my past that needed healing. I’d been holding on to trauma for years and could physically feel the pain in my shoulders. She guided me to release the pain and replenish my soul with peace and hope. Now, physically, the pain is gone. The mental fog has lifted and I feel ready to take back control of my life. I cannot wait to get a group together and come back to this space and share this experience with everyone I know. Thank you, Mena for your healing!

-Hailey Binion

Awaken Flow™ Foundation Program.​

A work of pure Love. Each poem speaks truth and permeates your body with a bath of divine inspiration. Definitely a book to have at your side and excellent present to someone you Love.

-Javier Larrain,

The Alchemy of Words

Thank you for all you've contributed to my shedding of the old and moving into my true self! Your gift of a shamanic vision, pure presence, and dedication are super powerful! I trust our sessions will be unfolding for a while for me! A lot of unfolding, moving, and all different people and information and realizations working together!

-Natalia B.

Awaken Flow Foundation Program

My standards for a good healer are absurdly exacting and extremely meticulous. Mena checks all of my boxes in terms of providing effective healing and being able to support her clients through the transformational process by inviting them to step ever more fully into their own powerful connection with divine Source. Mena supported me through wild and life-altering transformations while also helping me release some chronic pain patterns in my body.


She lives her truth, has the highest level of integrity, and also happens to be a beautiful human walking in the brilliance of her own divinity. If you are seeking assistance in stepping more fully into your power and releasing any victimization or states of disempowerment that have been interfering with your direct access to your Divine Essence, then look no further. I will always hold gratitude and praise for the ways in which this wonderful Angel has contributed to the quality of my life and my own recognition of my true Nature.”

– Benjamin Hayes Pitcher

Research and Development at Levity Labs.

My first session with Mena was the day before a scheduled surgery. I was really anxious so I needed to calm down. I live in Buenos Aires, so we did this via Skype and distance wasn’t an issue at all. It felt like we were sharing the same room! Thank you Mena for your words and guidance. You definitely have an amazing gift and know how to share it.

– Josefina Aguilar Benitez

Head of Content at

Our first meetings were nothing short of spectacular, and everything that has happened after that has become increasingly intense, beautiful, and blissful in every sense. Mena is a soul with a deeply-rooted sense of freedom and flow, and she entices you to become that —and much more—. Her capacity to help you unfold your self-observation, your capabilities, and your truth, through oracle card readings is a divine gift that I personally believe many should explore with her.  Thank you Mena for flowing as you do. Divine Love is all there is, was, and will be.”

– Santiago Fonseca

Vedic Astrologer

Thank you so much for the gorgeous experience. The adventure with nature, the vision of healing, and holding humanity with compassion are benevolent. How wonderful is to walk the path knowing that we are finding each other to elevate the vibration of the planet.

We bow to this land with lots of reverence and keep tuning to our Mother Earth. Honoring the elements and connecting deeply in the inner Universe.
My wishes are abundance and collaboration.

– Claudia Nieves Hanzas

Purple Eagle Tribe Retreat

I love the way Mena trusts her amazing intuitive gifts to guide her in the moment as she plays the sound bowls and guides the meditation which made both sessions completely different. I have also had tuning fork healing and personal consulting on several issues in my life with Mena. Once again, her intuition and insights are amazing and truly helpful when one is open to discovering and learning how to speak their own truth.

– Blaine Lower

Equine Teacher

Thank you so much for hosting us in your extraordinary space. I am eternally grateful and blessed beyond words to have come here, and gotten to experience all of the love and magic you have put into The Florrest. You are such a beautiful precious soul! Taking that walk with you on the land as we listened to your HOLY words completely transformed all of our experiences as we took the wisdom and brought it into our evening meditations. I look forward to many more opportunities for us to create and collaborate.

With so much love & deep gratitude.

– Natalie & Eric


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