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Deeply grateful for all the souls who trust the Light that channels through me and allow me to be of Divine service. 

With Joy and Love, Mena

Mena met with me and my cofounder last week and we haven’t left a meeting as happy and clear about our purpose as we did that day last week. Since then, amazing things have started to happen for me & our company! There’s a great feeling in our office about where we’re headed, thanks to Mena. Definitely a special gift that she possesses!! Excited to see what the future holds for her and all those who are lucky enough to meet with her! Highly recommended.” 

– Matt Boney

CEO at Daycation

Mena’s ability to intuitively know what's stopping me from creating my authentic dreams, and recommend what to do, continues to amaze me and be spot on. I've done a handful of sessions with Mena, and each time I leave feeling understood and activated to take action. She holds space gracefully, isn't scared to speak her truth, and truly makes a difference with every moment. For me, she has helped me work through limiting beliefs around doing the type of work that feels like play, making money, and improving both my romantic relationships and my relationship with my parents. She helps me see what past experiences and beliefs are in my way right now and helps me clear them. 10/10 would recommend. 

– Julian Castro

Creative Partner at Joule Studios

Mena Teijeiro makes SHIFT happen. She possesses a natural and intuitive ability to connect with others and bring out their most vibrant, joyful self to the foreground. Her Awaken Flow program was designed with the ethos of living a full and abundant life NOW, and is just one of the many transformational processes in Mena’s toolkit that’s transformed my every day in big ways.


Being the best we can be takes work and Mena’s presence makes the process of showing up and leveling up feel like play.

– Jess Mendez

Digital Product Coordinator at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Mena is truly a light in this world. She has a fiercely loving heart of a true healer and a wise independent mind of a true spiritual teacher. She holds a deep space with a high level of awareness for raw expression and deep inner transformation. She is an alchemist for the light in a deep state of communion with the Universe. It is a blessing for anyone to hold space and co-create with her.”

My standards for a good healer are absurdly exacting and extremely meticulous. Mena checks all of my boxes in terms of providing effective healing and being able to support her clients through the transformational process by inviting them to step ever more fully into their own powerful connection with divine Source. Mena supported me through wild and life-altering transformations while also helping me release some chronic pain patterns in my body.


She lives her truth, has the highest level of integrity, and also happens to be a beautiful human walking in the brilliance of her own divinity. If you are seeking assistance in stepping more fully into your power and releasing any victimization or states of disempowerment that have been interfering with your direct access to your Divine Essence, then look no further. I will always hold gratitude and praise for the ways in which this wonderful Angel has contributed to the quality of my life and my own recognition of my true Nature.”

– Benjamin Hayes Pitcher

Research and Development at Levity Labs.

My first session with Mena was the day before a scheduled surgery. I was really anxious so I needed to calm down. I live in Buenos Aires, so we did this via Skype and distance wasn’t an issue at all. It felt like we were sharing the same room! Thank you Mena for your words and guidance. You definitely have an amazing gift and know how to share it.

– Josefina Aguilar Benitez

Head of Content at

Our first meetings were nothing short of spectacular, and everything that has happened after that has become increasingly intense, beautiful, and blissful in every sense. Mena is a soul with a deeply-rooted sense of freedom and flow, and she entices you to become that —and much more—. Her capacity to help you unfold your self-observation, your capabilities, and your truth, through oracle card readings is a divine gift that I personally believe many should explore with her.  Thank you Mena for flowing as you do. Divine Love is all there is, was, and will be.”

– Santiago Fonseca

Vedic Astrologer

Mena is an extraordinary enlightened gift for this world. She has the caring soul of a true healer combine with an awe-inspiring mind and powerful personality. She is a blessing to everyone that has had the pleasure of spending time with her and witnessing how she connects with her higher self and the universe to shine her light to the world and on everybody she works with. I have so much admiration for her work and I would recommend it to anybody that wants to awaken, discover and create the best in their life.”

– Berjheny del Mar

Conscious Serial Entrepreneur at Creatige

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