Get to Know Mena

Intuitive. Alchemist. Booth MBA. Bridging the material and the unseen worlds, Mena creates space for people to radically shift perspectives and their energy fields to live empowered and peaceful.

Mena Teijeiro is an Intuitive Consultant (Booth MBA and healer), the founder and host of The Florrest (retreat center nestled in 182 acres of forest in middle Georgia), creator of Awaken Flow™ framework and app, the author of "The Alchemy of Words". She values connection, harmony, and a sustainable approach to life. She is a powerful guide for souls to claim deeply fulfilling lives and to become the gift that they truly are for themselves and this World.


Menita is a bright and playful girl, always ready for adventure, excited to meet new people, and share with friends and family. She is creative, full of courage, and a beesy Queen. During challenging situations she will use her sting of light to bring back clarity and peace.

Mena had a mid-life crisis at the age of 33 when she was feeling numb and uninspired. Married, mom of two toddlers, the family moved into a beautiful house where they would live until the kids went off to college. She choked realizing she had everything on the ‘check list’ this society promotes and she felt miserable! At that point, she experienced a raging divorce, clawing for her sense of self-worth, independence, and an opportunity to live a life that inspired her.

Four years out of the job market to raise her boys and with a background in a troubled industry, she wondered how was she going to leverage her BA in Economics and an MBA from Booth Chicago while still being a present mom. Did she have a strategy? No. Any medium-term career goals? Not yet. She simply listened to and followed her heart.

She embarked on a deep process of self-discovery journaling daily through the divorce, going on many retreats, studying from diverse teachers, traveling to mystical destinations, reading vast amounts of books, and experienced a multitude of different practices.

Mena was searching for the Light. The deeper she went into this exploration, she realized it was always within her; she needed to let go of her lifelong conditioning to be able to see it! To BE it. 

Now she brings together her analytical mind, her deeply awakened intuition and channel of pure vibration. Through her own experiences, studies, and vulnerability, she is more and more aware of the intricacies of being light in human form.

Mena knows that we all have unique gifts and she’s inspired to provide spaces to enable people to discover the treasure they are for this World. She is passionate about empowering individuals to Awaken Flow™ to what is already available and overflow with joy and abundance. Thus, bringing light and healing to our planet which really needs it now.

  1. Spiritual Development since 2010:Mena

  1. The Work by Byron Katie with Ram Giri (3 months journey),

  2. Akashic Records I, II and III with Ernesto Ortiz,

  3. Reiki I, II, Reiki Master and Teacher with Lorraine Meyer,

  4. Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course,

  5. 10 day Shamanic Diet in the Amazon with Don Jose Campos,

  6. Native American Inipi Ceremony,

  7. Pranayama and Meditation within Asana with Rama Jyoti Vernon at Mount Madona,

  8. Daily Cups, Tall Cups, Group Sessions with Aleya Dao since January 2013,

  9. 10 day retreat at Mount Madonna with Babaji,

  10. 10 day Vipassana Silent Retreat Wisconsin,

  11. Ongoing Hatha Yoga with Vero Yoga in Key Biscayne,

  12. Chakra Clearing Course with Ana Maria Pinedo,

  13. Effiji Breath sessions (8) with Lorraine Meyer and Vic Munoz,

  14. Kundalini Retreat - Kumba Mela Pilgrimage in India,

  15. Shamanic Physco-spiritual integration Retreat in Guatemala for Change of Era 12/12,

  16. KAP I and II (Kundalini Awakening Process) each, 12 week courses with Tao Semko,

  17. Weekly Satsangs for 1.5 years and 5 Retreats with Patrick Connor,

  18. Retreat with Swami Purna in Ojai,

  19. The Gabriel Code Course, Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman,

  20. Calling in the One Course with Katherine Woodward Thomas,

  21. Angel Card Reader Course with Doreen Virtue,

  22. 14 day Detox with Arise and Shine Program,

  23. “I Can do It” Hay House Conference in Fort Lauderdale,

  24. Energy Transmission Retreat with Brian Nager in Austin,

  25. Body Upgrade and Self Love courses with Rikka Zimmerman,

  26. Embodying the Higher Self 7 day Retreat in Hawaii with Rikka Zimmerman,

  27. 5 retreats with Brian Nager at Sanctuary for Peace in Ojai CA,

  28. Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher at Sivananda Bahamas,

  29. Plant medicine ceremonies deep dive

  30. Certified Kids Yoga Teacher training,

  31. 5Rhythms retreat in Costa Rica,

  32. Retreat with Jeff Foster and Matt Latica at Kripalu,

  33. 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher training at TrioYoga,

  34. Evolving into Truth workshop with Paul Selig at Omega Institute,

  35. Retreat with Gabby Bernstein and Teal Swan at Kripalu Center. 

  36. Iceland Retreat: Alchemy workshop with Paul Harris, Sacred Geometry with Scott Olsen,

  37. Tonic Longevity Herbs, Elixirs and Superfoods with Inga Bylinkina,

  38. Energy Clearing Sessions with Kane Tuma (2 years weekly sessions)

  39. Divine Feminine Christ Leadership Conference in Sedona with Kaia Ra 2018

  40. Holonomics level 1, 2 Practitioner with Will I Am – Yotolon,

  41. Matt Kahn Soul Convergence April 2018 in Portland,

  42. Creativity Retreat with Jessica Fein in Hostel in the Forest,

  43. Retreat with Escuela de Valores Divinos in Cuenca, Ecuador 2018. 

  44. Initiation to Kriya Yoga with Escuela de Valores Divinos,

  45. Bio-field Tuning Certified Practitioner,

  46. Find My Voice 2021-2022 with Roger Love,

  47. Sovereign Spiritual Leadership Conference with Kaia Ra, Austin,

  48. Sovereign Psychic development Training, Kaia Ra, Sedona,

  49. Equine Immersion and Love From the Other Side, Kaia Ra, Scottsdale

  50. Shame Clinic - Simone Seol & David Bedrick

  51. How to Change Any Memory, Melissa Tiers & Simone Seol

  52. How to Change any Habit, Mellisa Tiers & Simone Seol

        Master Presenter, Roger Love - 2022-23

  1. Sophia Circle Journey Facilitator Training, 2022-23