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Do you feel disempowered, stressed, and confused? 

Have you reached a point in your life which you initially considered successful, yet you feel somewhat empty, living a life that doesn't feel quite right, and not know what to do about it?

Are you too busy to slow down and figure it out? Or afraid of opening up with personal issues in a group setting? Maybe you're concerned that if you see what isn't working, your whole life can landslide?

If you are a heart-centered person who deep down knows that you are here to Be the change the World needs and collaborate with other souls, I am excited to support you on this holistic journey. 

I support you to claim your power, gain clarity, and feel peace, even if you are feeling stuck and disempowered, without settling for a mediocre life or having to participate in lengthy group programs or endless healing.

In the book "Success Redefined", which I co-author with Jack Canfield and other professionals, I share my personal story from disempowered and feeling victimized to living a life that feels mine, where I have clarity, peace, and am empowered to follow my heart's YES and be a guide for other soul's. 

This is for heart-centered beings who want to claim the life their soul came for and establish a fertile foundation from which to show up fully to their fulfillment within family, community, and business endeavors.


In this accelerated transformation journey, we will dive deep into the unknown spaces that are ready to be seen and integrated, learn personalized strategies that align with your goals and aspirations. Whether it's gaining clarity, nurturing hope and creating possibilities, transmuting pain and challenges, enhancing personal empowerment, setting strong boundaries or finding peace, this program is uniquely tailored to guide you through every step of your journey.


I am thrilled to invite you to a complimentary consultation session for my Mentorship Program "Be The CEO of Your Life". Your free consultation is a window into possibilities. We'll discuss your aspirations, challenges, and carve out a path for your holistic growth. This is more than just a mentorship; it's a collaboration in realizing your soul’s desires.


Here are some things that can be part of your program based on your preferences:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions tailored to your needs.

  • A deep dive in-person retreat or VIP day at Mena's Retreat Center The Florrest.

  • Techniques to harness your intuition and inner wisdom.

  • Awaken Flow™, a proven framework to ground and accelerate your transformation.

  • Profound tools for emotional and spiritual healing.

  • Continuous support and guidance in your personal transformation journey.


Spaces are limited, as I deeply commit to each individual’s growth. You can reserve your consultation here.


Let's claim your role as CEO of your Life! I can't wait to see if we are aligned and to embark on this transformative journey with you!

Mena Teijeiro makes SHIFT happen. She possesses a natural and intuitive ability to connect with others and bring out their most vibrant, joyful self to the foreground. Her program was designed with the ethos of living a full and abundant life NOW, and is just one of the many transformational processes in Mena’s toolkit that’s transformed my every day in big ways.


Being the best we can be takes work and Mena’s presence makes the process of showing up and leveling up feel like play.

– Jess Mendez

Digital Product Coordinator at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Do you experience any of these...

  • Overwhelmed by the unknown.

  • Endless distractions.

  • Feeling ungrounded and pulled in many directions.

  • Self-sabotage/addictions

  • Limiting beliefs.

  • Feel a prisoner of your decisions.

  • Overloading information and not implementing it.

  • Financial struggles.

  • Feeling unsupported by your environment

  • Smothered by responsibilities. 

  • Recurring anxiety/depression. 

  • Difficulty navigating between discipline and flow.

  • Fear regarding the state of the World and your future.

Image by Jeremy Perkins

I guide and empower you to...

  • Establish a fertile foundation for authentic and abundant growth through time.

  • Feel deep peace by addressing all areas in your life with inspired perspectives. 

  • Increase the productivity of your efforts through a clear approach to subtle energies.

  • Be seen, deeply heard, and acknowledged.

  • Transmute old energies and upgrade to a new paradigm of abundance and joy.

  • Integrate teachings from programs, books, and teachers you have previously invested in.

  • Become the Chief Energy Optimizer of your Life!

  • Redefine your Success!

Mena’s ability to intuitively know what's stopping me from creating my authentic dreams, and recommend what to do, continues to amaze me and be spot on. I've done a handful of sessions with Mena, and each time I leave feeling understood and activated to take action. She holds space gracefully, isn't scared to speak her truth, and truly makes a difference with every moment. For me, she has helped me work through limiting beliefs around doing the type of work that feels like play, making money, and improving both my romantic relationships and my relationship with my parents. She helps me see what past experiences and beliefs are in my way right now and helps me clear them. 10/10 would recommend. 

– Julian Castro

Creative Partner at Joule Studios


"I perceive the most significant limiting beliefs and behaviors you are experiencing and create space for you to establish a fertile foundation for authentic and sustainable growth."

Mena met with me and my cofounder last week and we haven’t left a meeting as happy and clear about our purpose as we did that day last week. Since then, amazing things have started to happen for me & our company! There’s a great feeling in our office about where we’re headed, thanks to Mena. Definitely a special gift that she possesses!! Excited to see what the future holds for her and all those who are lucky enough to meet with her! Highly recommended.” 

Matt Boney

CEO at Daycation

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