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Journey to create a
that supports your authentic and sustainable growth.

Welcome to this moment!

This online course comes after 8 years of teaching this framework to groups and individuals and seeing my life and that of clients radically align. I am currently living in my own retreat center in a pine forest having created a nurturing environment and the freedom to make decisions from my heart!


Awaken Flow™ is a powerful framework to navigate the unknown while claiming a deeply fulfilling life. 


It simplifies our approach to life so we can deal with the complexity of being human with wisdom and sovereignty. We can thrive together with our chosen hive through the seasons.


You ARE ready to create the fertile foundation for your authentic life to blossom, shine the light you are, and rise with your hive. If you feel aligned, I am honored to be your guide during this season of your life.


About the Course

This framework was channeled in January 2015 from a heartfelt intention to support others and ended up being the medicine I needed. It has been powerfully enriched through the years with client work and personal growth. 


This foundation level includes the framework, profound insights, energetic activations, activities, and tools that supported me on my journey from pain, fear, insecurity, and feeling lost to being excited to overflow from my authentic self. 


It establishes a sovereign stance for the soul, body, and relationships; focuses on the inner vision as the source, for passions & hobbies to develop, and leads us to overflow and shine our gifts in the World. 


There are teachings, meditations, deep dive exercises, Q&A calls, and exercises to support you to overflow from your authenticity. 

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This course will help you: 

  1. Integrate the inner work you have already activated on your path.

  2. Know you are ready AF to receive and live the life your soul desires.

  3. Feel peace as you ground in your own foundation. 

  4. Take full responsibility and aligned actions. 

  5. ​Acknowledge limiting beliefs as fuel for transformation. 

  6. Use emotions as a source of creation instead of destruction.

  7. Experience deeper and evolving self-love. 

  8. Honor and celebrate your body. 

  9. ​Establish clear boundaries to activate the gift of each relationship. 

  10. ​Develop your inner vision to bring heaven on earth.  

  11. ​Be a sovereign co-creator overflowing and shining your gifts. 


This is for you if you...

  • Feel like your life isn't fully yours.

  • Feel stuck or silenced and don't know how to shift out of it.

  • Choose to take 100% responsibility for your life.

  • Come with an open mind to learn, receive, and transform.

  • Don't have time... then you get to make you a priority!

  • Wish you could move from struggle to celebration

  • There's external toxicity that’s making it hard to be joyful.

  • Want to go from busy to beesy being, taking aligned action.

  • Want to create a fertile foundation for your growth to be authentic and sustainable.

This is not for you if you...

  • Want to keep blaming others for where you are.

  • Aren't willing to go to uncomfortable spaces within you.

  • Want to cling to what you already know.

  • Will quit halfway and forget why you started.

  • Want just another program and you won't implement it.

  • Are not willing to Be the change you want to see in your world.

What makes this different?

This course was birthed to find a common ground for humanity and provide hope that living the life our soul came for is possible.

It is based on nature and invites us to celebrate our true nature (harmony and abundance) at a time when humanity is experiencing a great unraveling and can benefit from our light. 

It is a profound yet approachable framework that gives the student an immediate sense of relief and steadiness.

It supports you to organize teaching, meditations, and insights from other investments you have made to integrate that in your life.

Course Outline - 2023

Establishing our Foundation

How have we grounded into our roots? Key insights and activations throughout the course.

Co-creating with our Body

How well am I honoring my body by being aware and training it for strength, flexibility, endurance, and harmony?

Diving into our Inner Vision

How intimately do I explore my inner World to clear it of conditioning and trauma and activate the Universe within?

Expanding Self-love

How well am I taking care of my mind and environment by detoxing and nurturing them?

Activating the authentic gift of Relationships

How effectively do I connect, communicate, and interact with others while setting clear boundaries with respect? 

Shining our Gifts 

What are my soul’s unique gifts and how am I supported to share them in my home, community, and planet.

What's included?

7-live Zoom Q&A meetings 

with Mena  (60 minutes)

Awaken Flow™Beesy Sheet pdf 

and Beesy Book download

Recorded Teachings

Facebook Group

(Community Sharing and Homework)

Early preview to AF
Guidance Cards (pdf)


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Awaken Flow™ Foundation Course

  • 7-live Zoom meetings with Mena (60 minutes)

  • Recorded Teachings

  • Awaken Flow™ Beesy Sheet (pdf)

  • ​AF Beesy Book (download)

  • Facebook Group (Community Sharing and Homework)

  • ​Early preview to AF Guidance Cards (pdf)

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Awaken Flow program was designed with the ethos of living a full and abundant life NOW, and is just one of the many transformational processes in Mena’s toolkit that’s transformed my every day in big ways.
Being the best we can be takes work and Mena’s presence makes the process of showing up and leveling up feel like play.

-Jess M.

During the program, I got lots of motivation and tools to get my life organized and explore more knowledge to evolve. I loved writing and seeing magic when I didn’t know what to write.

Yes! I recommend it!

-Marcela G.

Through her workshop Awaken Flow, Mena will help you discover your passion and realize your dreams, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

-Josefina C.

What a great series of six workshops led by Mena’s guiding light and total inspiration. One could not ask for a better guide in exploring the art of flowing harmoniously in life. Each week the group energy and bonding became stronger as we shared topics such as self-love, inner vision, relationships, our passions, and more. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in understanding themselves better through personal and spiritual growth.

-Richard H.

Mena’s program exposed me to an entirely new understanding of mental health, social contracts, and personal relationships. Her support and her honesty guided me to identify harmful self-preservation mechanisms in my field and introduce principals of self-love and alignment. It has been, and even continues to be, an awakening mentally, spiritually, and even physically.

-Alan S.

I was emotionally drained, didn’t know how to make choices, and felt disempowered.
With Awaken Flow, I learned my self-worth, how to set boundaries, felt free to make decisions that supported me (without worrying about others' opinions), and found inner peace. Thanks to this, I am a more positive person and in my power. I notice the little things that bring me joy even on more difficult days!

-Dalton R.

About Mena

I am Mena Teijeiro, I can't wait to offer you sacred space for profound transformation. I guide heart-centered souls who feel stuck or silenced by challenges to create a fertile foundation for their lives to be authentic, joyful, and flourishing.


The truth is that I struggled internally the majority of my life, and I allowed my life to manifest in a way that did not feel authentic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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