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Date Published: February 24, 2014

Embrace them all! Former partners, cities where you weren’t as happy, moments when you weren’t successful. Each experience and person we encounter in life become a part of our vibration. When we reject them, we numb out a part of our body and/or create internal conflict.

I had one particular experience that gave me the clarity to extend the awareness to many aspects of my life. I went back to Argentina for the holidays. I felt exhausted… the kind of tiredness that compels you to sleep a nap mid-morning AND in the afternoon. I was in hibernation mode!! What was going on!? It took me a few days to figure it out and as soon as I did I felt everything came back into balance.

Between the ages of 5 and 10, I lived in Washington DC with my family. I was a foreigner from a young age. When I went back to live in Argentina, I was a different gal and didn’t quite fit in with the chicas at my school either. It wasn’t easy. I remember being excluded as being too competitive, too different, too rules based. My friends were mostly other’s who had also had international experiences.

Since I was born I have lived in Buenos Aires, DC, Chicago, London, New York and now Miami. My Argentinean accent is hard to pin at times and my life experience has made me feel quite different. Recently I had started to say ‘I WAS Argentinean’.

BANG!!!! What else could I expect but to feel horrible visiting my home town? I was back in the house I lived from the age of 11 to 24 feeling that I didn’t belong, attached to the unhappy memories and questioning why I was even there. How could I have a great time and feel wonderful if I was so invested in rejecting my past?!

The moment I embraced all of it and thanked it for taking me to this very breath of existence, I immediately began to enjoy every moment of my visit and come back to well-being. I AM Argentinean AND A Citizen of the World. That’s the reality of my experience.

Wow! That had dramatic repercussions in the way I think about many things. Let’s talk about former partners. People who at some point we were close to us, will remain with us energetically for a long time. I realized that if I held grudges against them I would be hurting myself. If I wanted to completely forget about them and deny their love in my past, I would be numbing myself. Where ever memories and history remain within my mind and body, those areas would are affected by my perspective. An amazing personal discovery!!!!

If a person did not treat me how I deserve, then I know exactly what I don’t want and can clearly envision what I do want in a partner or a friend! If a city did not bring me joy, I am aware that I am not held prisoner by it and now I am a different person! I can enjoy what it is offering me a this time.

I accept and honor each moment in my life. I love everyone and everything . They have brought me to this point right here and now of understanding. They are a part of me and I have the POWER (over my life experience) to say how they continue to impact me and if I want to recreate those moments or share with those people.

What have you been resisting? Your hometown, an old friend, an ex-husband, a parent, a situation… Let it go for you own good. Accept it and make a decision about how you will deal with it! You’re already a different person.

Love, Light and Laughter!


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