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It's time to Awaken Flow

Published Date: January 20, 2023


From personal experience as an empathic being, I know that a life full of stings can be difficult and disheartening. 'The thought 'this can't be it!" led me to a journey of deep inquiry, exploration, and expansion since 2009.

We are in challenging times.... we are being called to step up and be the Light that we are in the World!

Where can we find common ground as humans? In Nature. What are we all wishing we could achieve? The sweetness of life, the joy, abundance, overflow of who we are. Honey! What is the most efficient and strong formation? The hexagon!

This framework was birthed for the celebration of our true nature! It supports our awakening (being conscious and aware of our inner and outer worlds) so that we many create a fertile foundation for our overflow to be authentic and sustainable. To know the mystery is impossible, yet this framework inspires peace to trust the unknown.

It honors our sovereignty, our divine right to a life of heaven on earth, and claiming the deep fulfillment our soul came for. It empowers you with energetic activations, tools, and perspectives! It lets you organize all teachings so you can digest and implement them.

This course supports you to transform the stings into medicine and increase your focus and resilience to create your fertile foundation! Following levels support integration and activation.

Grounded in this clear intention, through the seasons of life, we remove the toxins, nurture our soil, plant the seeds, tend to our garden, magnetize aligned souls, strengthen our boundaries, and overflow for the good of all.

Thank you for choosing to be Beesy Being.

Many blessings,

Mena Teijeiro

Creator of Awaken Flow

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