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Date Published: October 10, 2017

I traveled to Sedona following a trail of guidance. I didn’t know why I left mysteriously and then, during the trip, I understood. I was going to get trapped by the vortex and I needed to figure it out by myself.

My intention was to dive deeper into what I teach and I ended up needing to embrace those tools powerfully to come through with clarity, enjoy the trip and feel balanced.

I hiked through beautiful red rocks and danced with the sun, the full moon and the stars. I delighted in amazingly vibrant foods and quaint spaces. The airbnb I stayed at, Casa Harmony, was a blessing: a space that profoundly nurtured me by the grace of the hostess Vena. Each moment cradled me in meeting wonderful people and making new friends.

Halfway through the trip, my rental car’s battery was dead as I was headed for a 7am hike. I made the most of the wait by discovering a new trail in the neighborhood getting some fuel for my body.

The road-side assistance man ended up being the messenger. When I was feeling calm and in acceptance of the situation, he pointed at how upset I was. I laughed, seeing how he was projecting his own thoughts of how I felt in this scenario.

As he left when my car was humming again, I considered his comment, always ready to find clues to something within. Am I really angry? Have I been denying it? So I opened a space of awareness.

Down the rabbit hole I went, activating a cocoon mode; clearing deep wounds around abandonment, being left in the dark and taken for granted in my energetic bodies. I soaked in salt baths, meditated, slept into the depth of it, and moved my body through Thunder mountain. I specially remembered that I was in a process because I had a pending dinner at Mariposa (butterfly) restaurant with women I had met the day before and who had invited me to join them. Hmmm. I would come through. Don’t we always?

I let these raw spaces be seen, cleared and healed in the light. These are programs embedded in human consciousness that don’t serve us. We know. I recognized how I always hold myself closely, nurturing myself and honoring my needs as a way of life now. That allowed the transformation.

What did this open up? Clarity and peace around what kind of interactions I choose to sustain. There is no victim. Also, awareness of how we can offer the highest vibration to others, during any situation, becoming an offering of what we choose to see in the World.

The more we heal our hearts, we can invite others to meet us in a space of open communication, inspired co-creation, and honoring ways. We can express our desires and needs with conviction and compassion, fully claiming our divine right to conscious relationships. If we can’t be met, that’s ok. We are free to choose.

An interesting thing happened. I ended up walking into a crystal store and being drawn to several powerful pieces and purchasing them for my private practice and personal use. In this higher alignment, I opened up lines of communication with more support and guidance from crystals.

As we unwrap the gift we are, layers fall off. Many times this is uncomfortable, yet the journey to unravel into our truth, our power and clarity is worth it as it allows us to live inspired lives.

There is more for me to explore in Sedona and I believe I shall be back to dance in the vortex again. It caught me and then released me higher into the light.

For now, I am happy to be heading home to family, community and the flow of Miami.

Nos vemos!

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