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Date Published: October 24, 2017

Why save the best for last? We are our own hero, so let’s make it so NOW.

Do we realize how amazing this is? Our life depends on how we navigate it.

No one’s coming to save us. We’ve been abandoned? No. Not at all.

Actually, many people come. Endless amounts of teachers in different costumes.

Those who inspire us and show us how. People who hurt us and eventually lets us choose better. People who open us up to magic and touch our hearts deeper than before. Those who squash our dreams and tell us we’re not worthy. Pleasers and those who disappear teaching us discernment and a focused path. The conditional people who get offended when their expectations aren’t met and we can choose us first. Those who are fresh and alive in love and dance with us.

A big thank you (gracias! merci! obrigada!) to everyone from the depth of my being, no matter how our interaction happened. We also serve different roles for others too. I find it fascinating, yet not always comfortable!


I am my own hero!! You are your own hero!

Can we appreciate that? I mean…. really see the magnificence of our efforts!?

Sometimes people tell me: ‘You inspired me today!”, and I can hear a voice inside saying matter of factly: “Cool, then I’m doing my job.”

How stale and ‘check in the box’ is that kind of response?

Merely.. .that’s your job? That’s all I got for myself after everything I’ve done and do in this lifetime? Yikes.

Well…as soon as I become aware of something, I change it. Layer by layer. Yes, I do appreciate myself… yet there’s always more.

What can I celebrate!? What can WE celebrate?

  • The path that we walk daily, breathe and the difficulties that we juggle with.

  • The capacity to deal with challenging and offensive people and situations in our life.

  • Our inexhaustible choice of love and forgiveness even when we are hurt beyond our imagination.

  • Can we get excited about the light that is coming through us!?

  • The wisdom that is present here in this body.

  • Can we be grateful for this ever expanding heart with fierce courage and naked vulnerability?

I want to.

I choose to.

I Am deeply appreciating

this embodied spirit

manifesting this life.

Let’s do it together! We can teach each other how. As we practice appreciating others, we can do it more naturally for ourselves. As we appreciate ourselves, we make it ok for others to receive themselves.

There are clusters of more awakened people wanting to help others rise. That’s wonderful. Bravo!

Now, let’s become aware of the spaces, layers, thoughts that keep us from allowing others to RISE as much as they can. Why keep them below us?!

I am now deeply embracing this on all levels and sharing it with human consciousness.

In allowing you to shine your brightest, I allow that in me. We need more light on Earth. We need more freedom. We are Love in action.

As you rise and I stumble, you lift me.

As I rise, I uplift the environment.

I am my hero because I choose YOU.

The One I am to help me unravel into this fulfilled life.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

oh Yeah!

By the way,

I really appreciate you…

and I’m so grateful I showed up today. Everyday.

To share with you.

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