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Date Published: March 8, 2014

You Bit!!! When you bite the bait most of the time it’s not a pleasurable experience. How are you digesting those unexpected disappointments? I’m inviting you to come into your power. Bite into this: When you bite the bait, become the Ocean!!!

What does becoming the ocean mean? It’s a metaphor used often in spiritual literature which aims at illustrating the vastness that we are. When we find something we are struggling with, feeling a victim of and hooked on to, our first impulse is to fight back. We start flipping and loosing our breath. We loose site of the situation!!! We give up our power and unless we set off in anger and brake free in a rage, we are taken into a situation without a choice.

OMG. That has happened so often in my life. If I was patient playing the role of the good girl, I got stuck in something I didn’t want to be in. Once I had put up with it for a long time I would get angry and blow everything up into bits and pieces. Nope. Neither solution was optimal.

My blissful walk on the beach this morning helped me complete my understanding. I call it Oceanography 101:

1) You’ve been caught!! You bit on something nasty. You are annoyed a situation has occurred. Again?!

2) You are not the fish! Remember that you are NOT a victim. They can only grab you if you are biting down on the bait.

3) Stop flipping and pulling back. You get caught even more!

4) Analyze the situation. Don’t judge yourself or others for being here. Avoid drastic responses and just let things work out gradually with this new clarity.

4) Become the Ocean, the vastness that is seeing the whole experience and realizes that there is nothing to be afraid of, we can make decisions to avoid a repetition. We are in our full power when we allow ourselves. Just decide what it is you really want for your life and take the steps to achieve that.

Yes! It is that simple. We have to get used to not reacting, knowing we deserve the best life and trusting time and intention are on our side. I have many more experiences I’m looking forward to apply this new approach to. Ready for a swim?! Let me know how that goes.

Love, light and laughter,


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