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Date Published: January 28, 2016

My child. You are not wrong for your burning anger. For your depressing sadness. For your disgusted rejections. For the bubbling fury for people and life. For the anchoring frustrations of the past and the suffocating worry of the future.

We are meant to be fully present with ALL our emotions. That does NOT mean we are supposed to ACT on them. So let us be aware of them and create a safe way to experience them before they take over our lives. Let us create a space where they can be felt so density does not accumulate in our bodies.

When my kids are away, the silence of my home invites me to create. What would I like to share with them from my deep desire to heal, grow and Be love? This audience of little people is not that easy and they need to be engaged powerfully: it has to be playful. Simple. Visual. Interactive.

During the weekend I came up with a ‘How do you Feel?’ game. I had it on the back of my mind patiently waiting for a way out and that afternoon it emerged.

Raw Materials: Recycled box. Little plush toys from the “Inside Out” movie: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Red and black Sharpies. Inspiration.

I placed it in their bedroom between their beds. It was fun to watch my older son select all the emotions and give an explanation for each one. Yes. I realized that he is aware of the multiple layers of our present sensations. There is so much going on at once!

He came up with the idea of putting his selection closer to his bed and leave the middle for shared emotions with his brother.

Then to simplify and focus I asked them to choose the main emotion of the moment. ‪That night it was JOY!

There are so many things we can learn and heal from by being aware of the vibrations in our body.

The main one being Love. Sharing and connecting in a space of respect and allowance.

How do YOU go through Life honoring your feelings and creating a game of Life you are excited about? Thank you for your support and being a part of this Now.

Love, light and Laughter,


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