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Date Published: January 14, 2013

Focus HERE App prompts you to set an intention every morning and then reminds you with notifications throughout the day. Our power to manifest is directly linked to our capacity to focus on that which we want to achieve. Have a vision of what you want in your life or simple focus on the task at hand for the day. You can download Focus HERE for free at the itunes store; it has a list of ten powerful intentions to select from. My favorite is: Love yourself so much you ask for the best life, knowing you deserve it! Everything in life comes from self-love.

This app is for EVERYONE who wants to live a happier life, is aspiring to achieve goals and dreams. Instead of being a distraction, our phone can become an alley. Since we always carry our phones, it’s an ideal instrument.

You can also add your own intentions by purchasing an unlimited feature for $1.99. You get the chance to tailor your own objectives to whatever you need that day. There’s an option to buy packages of 5 specific intentions at $0.99, each focusing on self-love, career, partner, friends & family, health, lifestyle and healing.

Visualize yourself as a radio control tower sending signals out to the Universe to co-create with it. This simple yet powerful App can help us achieve our highest potential with ease and grace.

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