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Date Published: January 12, 2013

What could the decision process of tipping at an event or eating a yogurt teach us? I’m always marveled at how the simple things in life give us great insight…

This weekend I had to make a decision about how much to tip someone. Thoughts of giving less then I had in the past started running through my head, creating friction. Anxiety began to storm in my body and I asked myself… How much do I value this? Do I really want to be petty?! Am I not living in the energy of abundance? The emotional response was clear. I valued the event along with my generosity and gratitude for life. The answer to the dilemma came by feeling it through.

Realization #1: Emotional pain guides us towards divine flow. If I am angry, frustrated, lonely, sad, or tormented… It is a clear indication that I’m NOT headed in the right direction. Emotions are divine guidance!!! They help me stop on my tracks to reevaluate my decisions. I can ask myself: what would make me feel more at peace? I can present myself with different scenarios and observe the corresponding emotions to see which one feels more peaceful and takes me back to the flow.

Another aha moment happened close to midnight… I got a craving for yogurt! Many late nights I respond to it blindly, running to the fridge to solace the void. This time, a bolt of awareness came through to question the impulse. Didn’t you have enough to eat already? Are you SURE that’s hunger?

Realization #2: When desire erupts within the body, it’s a discomfort that believes there is an emptiness requiring physical replenishment. It is a part of the body that does not understand that it is FULL. It is ONE with all. It IS. How can that energy understand and recycle itself into wholeness if we play along with the drama it has held on for so long? Aren’t we misleading it when we feed it and allow it to perpetuate itself?

Discipline does not feel right in the consciousness of flow. Why the rigidity in life if it’s supposed to be a divine dance with the now? Going with the flow when limiting programs are still latent in the body is not appropriate if we truly want freedom and joy. Our bodies are controlled by thoughts and behaviors which we need to disrupt with determination. It helps to make a decision about how we will react to certain situations. Firm conviction and a clear mind are necessary to avoid reacting to our ingrained impulses. Then we can feed those energies with love instead of the false solution. Only then do we allow our bodies to heal properly.

My belly is still crying out for that smooth pineapple greek yogurt as I wrap up this post. An inspired thought runs through my head… If you find yourself holding that cup, just tip the yogurt!

Love, light and laughter!


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