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Date Published: July 31, 2016

Where’s the smile? I looked at my expression in the mirror and captured my shadow in a picture. Then I asked myself: What can we change within us to help with the overflowing anger in the world?!

Many people hate the anger in the World and build up a deep frustration for things as they are. What’s the alternative?

When we give ourselves a space to feel anger as it arises, in full inner expression, it doesn’t last very long. Anger must not become the culprit. It is another emotion. Not right or wrong. So I offer this moment of anger without shame or guilt.

It is by opening up to our emotions at each moment and processing them properly that we can clear them from our system. Otherwise they erupt from buildup‬ in extreme circumstances as the world headlines show us.

I hear about events from friends, family or my FB feed. In the past, I would devour the news and now I chose otherwise because I have no need to know them and actually it contributes more. By placing our attention on negative events, we fuel them. We give them the energy that sustain them. What we focus on expands. Do we want to expand this? I don’t.

Anger can ‪alchemize into clear intentions and appropriate actions. Here! This is what we can focus on on a daily basis. By our own growth in this process, we assist Humanity. We’ve all heard the phrase that says: If you want to change the World, start by changing yourself.

Choose Love! Yes. Yet we can’t deny the anger that we have built up. It is our responsiblity to deal with our own shadows and bring them to the light.

May we hold a sacred container for graceful transmutation on this Planet. May we Love Anger and hence empower Humanity. 🙏🏼❤️

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