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Date Published: February 8, 2016

Being Love is not about acting goody goody and pleasing others.

In the past I would flow more with others and end up doing things I was not fully choosing.

My greatest acheivement in the recent past is to Hear my Truth and make my actions be consistent with that. The Light within has priority.

I’ll say No.

Because I’m saying Yes to me.

I’ll walk away

Because I’m walking towards my choices.

I’ll be silent

Because I’m talking to my inner child.

I’ll close a door

Because I’m opening one to my desires.

It’s not personal.

It’s Self Love.

I Love everyone

because that’s What we Are.

Some people’s growth comes from being more aware of what other’s need; Be of service so that the ego isn’t constantly fed. For me, given my sensitivity to other’s emotions, I’ve always been more aware of what they wanted and ignored my own needs and desires.

That would draw me to people within whom I saw potential and who needed healing, love and support. They saw in me the attention they were seeking. They found someone who fed their desires and was a source of Energy.

Now I have learned to Honor the Light within me. It deserves to be Heard and nourished. To be Loved and Treasured. That is my soul responsibility. As we unwrap the gifts of our soul we flood the World with Love and Healing. Not because we need to fix it, simply because we are Being a template of the New Human.

When we abide by our Truth we gather with individuals to co-create with, to establish true communions of Love, to share from inspiration and appreciation. The old paradigm of relations of co-dependancy, drama and struggle are left behind when we choose to do so.

May our paths cross under the blessings of the New.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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