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Date Published: October 19, 2013

I had a really hard time stuffing the large white bag into the opening. My fingers dug into mushy waste and I managed to push it through. BUM, bang, oh oh!!! I looked at my watch. 5:34 am! I forgot it was so late! So early! There are rules about this in my building. “Sorry”, I whispered.

How could I have been so blind to the unconscious habits?! I arrived with an unbending determination to clean up the act at home. I stormed the cupboards full of cookies, cans, cereals with food coloring, marshmallows, chips, a few candies here and there from birthday parties. Paper bags from Whole Foods soon filled up. Then I approached the refrigerator and emptied the milk, yogurt, and cheese packagings to recycle them. Next I went to their bathroom and threw away their toothpaste with spongebob and the unhealthy fluoride.

When would I start teaching and enforcing good habits to my kids? I’ve been letting them run the show; as a parent I could know better. I do. I am. I will.

What are knowledge and awareness good for if I am not implementing it with my children!? I cried for everything I haven’t done right for them. I’ve always been very disciplined and organized in my life. Somewhere in the last few years I stopped fighting with the kids and things relaxed. Wrong approach! Children have no idea what’s best for them. The human body and mind get lazy and want things that are not necessarily good.

I can’t control what happens outside our home but I can show them what I know is healthy. I’ll do my best to lovingly teach them best practices.

I wrote that a few weeks ago when I got hit by lightning. It’s been a intense last two weeks reorganizing my home and kids. To be able to balance work, home and personal time, I need my life to be practical, efficient, focused, and healthy.

1) Wake up!

SNOOZE – YOU LOOSE. No more snoozing for me past 7am. Will an extra ten minutes make me feel more rested? No! I jump out of bed each morning and wake them up cheerfully with cuddles and kisses so they have enough time to stretch. I remind them it’s going to be an amazing day so it sets the tone for them and myself. Honestly, some mornings I’m too drowsy to be a proactive hugger but I make contact (maybe a hand on their head or a caress on their backs) and let them feel my love. I’ve started playing music and very often we are dancing while I prepare breakfast and pack their lunch bags.

WATER. Nothing better than starting with a large glass of water. Half the days they drink it. Others they go for their OJ or shake. It’s really hilarious to hear Sebastian repeat in the middle of the day: ‘mom, right that it’s really important to drink water?‘ They are sponges. I love to feed them good thoughts.

NUTRITION. I make sure the boys eat a healthy breakfast so they have energy to focus and be alert at school. Eggs. Fruits. Gluten free alternatives (pancakes, muffins, breads). Avocado. Coconut milk yogurt. The little one loves to makes a shake with raw vegetable protein and almond or coconut milk. Makes me feel good to see him take on the habit of blending in the AM from the age of 4. I’m getting a vitamix soon to prepare green smoothies.

RESPONSIBILITIES. They have to make sure they have all their things for school. Benjamin puts his lunch bad inside his backpack. Sebastian has to turn the lights off in the apartment and his brother has to take the pijamas to the bedroom or hamper. It’s OUR home I remind them. We all have to take care of it. Then they call the elevator and take turns pressing the garage button. It keeps their mind on something instead of complaining and throwing tantrums. It prepares them for school to follow instructions and be attentive. Every now and then they surprise me by making their bed and I can see how proud they feel.

2) Lunch

NO. No dairy (cows milk is NOT good for the body). No meats. No junk. No gluten (it creates leaky gut which makes you absorb toxins through your intestines). No candy. I think you probably guessed that one. No more juice boxes. Water in a reusable bottle. As an Argentinean I am not against meat, although I am aware of the impact on the Earth. I have taken it out of the options in our home so the boys have no alternative but to open their palate to veggies. They can order any dead animal when we go out. ; )

EXPAND. I send them pasta (made from quinoa or brown rice), eggs, broccoli, fruits, nuts and a few other things. I bought a few books and have been researching online to get up to speed and provide them with fun and healthy options. Help! Anyone with great ideas, send them this way.

3) Afternoon activities

EXERCISE. They’re back on track with working out their body with Jujitzu and Tennis. They didn’t want to sign up when classes started again in August and I accepted because I was tired of the struggle. I saw they were adjusting to school and they missed their daddy who lives in NY. I’m their mom, I’m supposed to fight everyday for their own good. Kids really need to move, stretch, and flex to oxygenate and have healthy bodies. We all do. A great habit is to pick them up on their scooters so they leave school moving the stuck energies in their bodies.

HOMEWORK. No I would never kill my son. I could strangle his homework. Aw! The agony each day of trying to finish spelling, spanish and reading. I finally called a tutor this last week to pick him up from school and take him to Starbucks to do it because at home he gets distracted. It’s not perfect yet but he can’t invite friends over until he understands that responsibilities must be honored. I’m holding steady. He’ll get it soon.

FLOW. I like to take them to run errands with me. Supermarket. Bank. Gas station. It makes them aware of the behind the scenes of running a household. We also end up doing random activities together to have fun and bond. Play together. Happy together.

4) Evening

DINNER. There is a set time for dinner each day. 7pm. We sit together. I teach them how to bless the food. By acknowledging it we can make it vibrate at a higher frequency to make it even healthier. (Yep! that’s right). Sit up straight. Wipe your mouth. Ask for permission to get up. Take you place to the sink. If not now, when?!

SHOWER. Dirty little boys. They were starting to resist showering before going to bed. Ewh. One day Ben got pimples on his body and I explained it was because he went to bed dirty. They both freaked out. Another time they wanted me to cuddle at night and I said I didn’t feel comfortable with their stinky bodies. Both comments worked their magic. Now they are two happy rubber duckies every single night.

READING. We head to their bedroom. The schedule has been shifting and it will soon land on a perfect time. Benjamin is reading to us! Not one but several books. I reorganized their bookshelf so they can choose their books more easily. Simply by being in control of what we will read, gives them a sense of accomplishment and commitment to the activity. Yes, I intercede when I have to hear the same book over and over again.

SLEEP. They remember to go to the bathroom one last time before tucking in. They brush their teeth and let me check their breath. Their fluoride free toothpaste is not as crisp as the Colgate one but I hope it’s effective. Doesn’t smell like it. We give thanks. They love being silly and grateful for the slimiest smelliest things. I love when my eldest is grateful for himself. So wise. Lights are out latest 9pm.

It’s been an intense few weeks. I know that it will payoff soon and in the long run I will have them teaching me how to be more conscious, clean and focused. I already have them reminding me things if I forget.

Please. Ask me how it’s going when you see me. It will keep me on my toes. I want to be the best mom I can be. I made a decision. I implemented radical changes at home. Mission accomplished!!! Now they are becoming habit and I must remain vigilant. I’m so proud of my boys!!!

What tricks do you have up your sleeve!? Let me know. Share so we can all learn from you.

Love. Light. Laughter.


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