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Date Published: November 9, 2016

Throughout this election process I’ve been quiet. This morning I was thinking what I would say to Trump voters.


lol. Ok I can go deeper.

I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. I Love you. I Thank you.

I congratulate you on your victory yet I’m Sorry Trump won. It is a dishonor to humanity and to the essence of America to select someone without Values. No respect. Lack of control. Explosive behaviors. Demeaning attitudes.

I’m sorry society has become so fragmented in this election and hatred has been fueled.

I’m sorry I was unable to understand what I could do to make a difference.

Forgive Me! Yes. You are free to vote for your candidate and by doing that I got a glimpse into the blueprint of your mind. Even if you don’t think like him, out of anger towards the opposition, you were willing to sacrifice Integrity and Honesty to squash her. It’s hard to digest that.

I can still be your Facebook friend. I am inevitably your neighbor and fellow citizen. Yet, in all honesty, I reserve the right to choose my intimate circle.

I Love you because I AM Love and that is simply what Is. I respect where ever you are in life. Yet I know that together we rise… so let us Be again as One.

Our differences are illusions for, at the core, we are the same.

Thank You for showing me the power of a person’s vision. The intense drive of determination. Thank you for proving that crazy things can come true if you work hard for them and believe in yourself.

Who knows, he might surprise us in his unorthodox ways.

And you know what? Maybe, just maybe… Thank you for choosing a President that will stir society and force the conversations back to core values, community and sovereign individuals.

Why? Because WE are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. Not the President!

So I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. I Love you. I Thank you.


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