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Date Published: October 24, 2013

Conclusion. Stolen. Fact: I placed my iPhone on the baby changer inside the Starbucks bathroom while I was doing my thing. Why? Several months ago I left the phone on my table to go wash my hands and it was gone when I came back. Lesson: Hold the phone tightly between my knees or in on hand when I pee. Really!?!

Five minutes earlier I had been working. The babysitter called to say my younger son did not want to budge from home so they weren’t going to make it to Jujitzu class. Hence, my older son outside would not have his martial arts uniform. More complaints. I left him at the dojo and headed back to the coffee shop. Did I say I had a headache? I walked back from the bathroom to the table and got lost in my work for a while. An image of my phone came into my mind several times. I should have paid attention. When I finally did go look for it, it was gone.

Let me evaluate the ripple effects.

1) Reaction to the theft: Neutral

I went straight to tell the manager and he immediately tried calling me. The phone was already turned off; a sure indicator that it had been taken. Next, I went online to iCloud and searched for it: nada! The GPS does not work when the phone is offline.

What next!?! Life as normal. I didn’t pull my kid out of class. That night I was going to meet a friend for dinner and I didn’t cancel it. I continued reading my very interesting book (Buddha’s Brain – The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom). I figured I could replace it the next day; I also entertained the idea of being without a phone. Yeah, right.

Unfortunate event. Fortunately (mostly) unaffected.

2) Reaction to other’s reaction: Da bomb.

Soon after waking up the next day Ben told his dad I didn’t have my phone anymore. Hearing his dad say: “Thank goodness mommy has her head stuck to her body or else she’d lose it too” was not really the best way to start the day. It triggered me. I told him I did not appreciate the comment with all the things I juggle and he explained it was a joke. Ha. Ha.

Next my son called my mom and she was disappointed for me. She suggested putting it on my waist like she does. When I pull my pants down, that just doesn’t work! I don’t want my phone going for a swim in the toilet. From this I realized we don’t need should have’s from another person when we experience a bad situation. Asking “What did you learn from this?” could be better digested and more productive.

Am I a mindless person who leaves things behind or did I prove I had a lot going on? Is it really my fault for not guarding my things more. Where are our values? Why do people who have resources have no consideration for others’ assets and take them? The interesting thing is all these thoughts only came to me out of my reaction to other’s reactions. I started to have considerations that didn’t even originate in my own sphere.

I spent a while meditating that morning to come back to my heart center. Moving on with the wrong energy is something I’ve learned to avoid.

3) Reaction to a Negative Outcome: Positive!

I walked into the Apple Store unaware that there was a chance the phone was sold out. I stayed peaceful as I listened to the options. Suddenly, the girl helping me out suggested trying to get it online. She found a 5S 64G in stock for me, available to pick it up right there. Apparently, I was REALLY lucky!!! Forget that my insurance did not cover theft and I had to pay a pretty hefty sum for a new one. People stand in line for hours early in the morning to get one. Wow.

Outside a group of musicians getting ready to play asked me why I was so happy. They saw my radiant smile. I explained my phone was stolen and I had to get a new one. They looked confused because the words and my energy were not consistent with their expectations. “I’m really happy because they couldn’t steal my happiness!” They started clapping and I joined in the celebration. : ) I was also flowing in the energy of abundance, spending money without hesitation or worries, on something that I needed to replace. I didn’t get into that conversation.

Ok Universe. I know I’m happy no matter what if I don’t get caught up in other’s reactions. Now let me be happy without having to run to the Apple Store. I can find a better use to my time. Why the picture for this post? Time to move on with life. Off I went to TEDx Miami.

Feeling lucky.

Love. Light. Laughter.


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