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Date Published: April 30, 2014

In the eleventh hour there seem to be an army of distractions and hesitations. Have you experienced that? I almost missed the second day of the “I Can do It” Hay House Conference in Fort Lauderdale. When I got my ticket several months earlier, I did so because I KNEW that I would be inspired and grow from it.

I was tired from many days of actively juggling life, it was a bright and sunny Sunday, friends were going to the beach and polo matches, my parents were in town, my kids off with their dad, and it was a long drive which I had already done the day before. I AM so grateful I quieted all those lazy thoughts, which I could mistakenly have called intuition. Having paid for the ticket in advance was actually one of the anchors to my commitment and I am doing this more often.

During the weekend I took some notes and here are the ones that I want to share with you because these people help us through inspiration and good habits to get to that finish line:

Wayne Dyer

  • We are programmed to be ordinary. In fact we are EXTRA-ordinary!

  • Be a guide for children and let them follow their heart.

  • When you are inspired (in spirit), the mind transcends limitation.

Cheryl Richardson

  • Our gifts need to be cherished and protected.

  • Don’t waste time living a BORING life.

  • It’s not my mission to heal others.

  • We are here to EXPERIENCE. Not to accomplish!

Joe Dispensa

  • The redundancy of emotions over time manifests disease.

  • Define yourself as your VISION for the future.

  • A memory without emotional charge is called WISDOM

  • When you are WHOLE, you can trust your future.

  • Set up the environmental conditions for success: Intentions and Habits!

  • When you do the UNnatural long enough and you become Super-Natural.

Kris Carr

  • Create space to heal. Prevention is the best cure. Become an empowered patient.

  • Align your values and money with self care.

  • The Kitchen is where the healing begins. The women belongs in the kitchen. SO does the man!!!

  • Longing for sugar means I need to make peace with my emotions.

  • I DO NOT want to bring low energies into this divine temple.

  • Self acceptance is key.

John Holland:

  • Pause and ASK before you Act

One of the highlights for me was getting my Ascended Masters cards signed by Doreen Virtue. She said “these are GOOD!” when I handed them over. I have been using them for one year; now I also have her energy on them to connect with the other dimensions. ; D Many people I met during lunch missed out on it because the line was too long in their perspective. It truly was! My desire and passion were stronger.

The conference reinforced my belief that I CAN DO IT!!! What are we talking about


1) Finding that space of the Heart that is guiding me to a life I am passionate about.

2) Being aware of the situations and habitual patterns that keep me AWAY from realizing my highest potential and stopping just short of my accomplishments and the finish line.

3) Creating new empowered patterns! I dreamt last night I was snowboarding and couldn’t keep up. My back foot was not strapped iN! Such a powerful message to get everything in place and remove excuses ito be able to FLOW.

4) Allowing myself to embrace life with absolute joy and abundance because we all deserve it. We are put here on Earth to create the most amazing life we desire.

‘Doing’ out of fear is tiring and stressful. A ‘doing’ from inspiration is the one that catapults us forward with ease and grace. I can do it all that when I AM!!! When I AM aligned to my heart and strong desires.

So can you! Go now and get a piece of paper or a journal you use. First, I invite you to see how you will incorporate the wisdom from a Hay House speaker that drew your attention. Second go through the four steps to DOING. What are you passionate about? Think about when you start to fall back on your dreams, etc. If you have an itch to break free from your self imposed limitations, these is a very powerful exercise. You can DO it! Share with us any insights you get!!

Light, Love and Laughter,


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