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Date Published: February 20, 2014

It sounds cheesy to find love on February 14!! Maybe it’s the strong vibrations of the day that made it happen. After so many years of companionship and being there no matter what, I broke through the veil that kept me from fully loving Mena. Myself!

I am beginning to understand that Love has depth and no bottom. Yes. I already loved myself. Then another layer came through.

These are a few ways I was already Loving myself:

1) Honor my dreams. For a large part of my life, I did not know what I was passionate about. I embraced everything and so much and yet I was more focused on what seemed right in my mind. When I was married I shifted my focus to a supporting role for my husband and kids to allow their lives to unfold, at the expense of mine! Now there is nothing that can come between me and my passions.

2) Set boundaries and respect them consistently. I am open to life and unafraid of being taken on a path that I don’t want to take because I recognize what doesn’t feel comfortable or is not in alignment with my vision and life. Therefore, I speak up gently and often when I don’t agree with a current situation and skip out into my own rhythm.

3) Take time to nurture myself. Taking care of myself is not to be mistaken with laziness or being too girly. It does not make me less effective in my life. ‘Nap’ was a bad word for me in the past. Now I am open to resting when my body is yawning for it! Working out, eating healthy, meditating, sleeping enough are basic requirements. I see them as an integral part of work for any individual who is optimizing joy and performance. I believe I can still nurture myself more!

4) Fully accept myself and not judge my experiences. Part of my sharing on Facebook and my Blog is about being raw and vulnerable. Detaching from moments and just taking them as they are allows me to let go of feeling guilty, afraid or like a bad person. I AM the whole package; a soul having a human experience and evolving with each breath. Ahhhh.

All these components of self love are awesome; I felt warm and appreciative about myself; happy and grateful to be my life companion at every single moment. Then Cupid gave me another few shots last Friday!

5) Love every single moment (and mess!) of this Soul’s journey! This is an extension of fully accepting myself with a time component! I went back to all those situations in the past where I would still cringe at with horror when I remembered them. Oh wow! I revisited those moments and broke down with so much compassion and love recalling how I had abandoned and judged myself; how I had removed all patience and connection with my essence. “I love you Mena! You were never alone. I am so proud of you for your journey. For the way you’ve dealt with every situation. I will always be with you. I will never leave you again. We’re rock’in this together.”

6) Clean up my interpretation of Unconditional Love. My definition of unconditional love was tainted with contaminants from life. a) I believed that unconditional love required time. Actually, I can love infinitely and never again see that person again in my life. b) I thought unconditional love required commitment. I can love infinitely and decide that person is not aligned with my path and not have to promise anything. c) I was afraid unconditional love meant giving away my power. I choose to always honor my truth and passions.

I can love myself unconditionally. I can be loved unconditionally by infinite amount of people, receive it and not be held captive by any demands. Infinite love does not exclude anything. I did the math: Infinite + infinite = infinite. Infinite always allows space for more infinite. No love excludes love.

I now have a greater capacity to love ME, Mena! I can now love YOU more.

Valentine’s is over. THIS is just beginning.

Love, Light and Laughter.


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