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Date Published: August 26, 2013

My boys are about to have a baby brother!!! NO! I’m not pregnant. Their dad remarried and his wife is ready to give birth to baby Leo. We will be traveling to NYC to welcome him into this World with huge smiles and pumping hearts!

I’m so excited! Probably as much as my boys, most likely more! I think it’s such a blessing for this boy to come into our families. It’s my boys’ BROTHER!! How could I not embrace him with all my love?! Pain, anger and separation tend to surround the birth of a child when there are siblings from another mom or dad. Not in this case!

Half brother is a definition that I won’t use because it implies that it is not as important as a regular brother. Brother is perfect. Brother from another mother is accurate and loving. The way we approach relationships makes a tremendous impact in how we feel connected and ‘one’ with others.

This led me to think… what am I for this kid? There’s no word for our relationship?! Their dad’s wife is my boy’s step mom; that has been in our vocabulary as a culture for a while. I imagine an older Leo coming over to visit and stay with me and his brothers when the parents want to travel. Times are changing! How could we define our connection? I needed a word and in my meditations I asked for an answer and I got it!

EXtra Mom!!!!!!! Isn’t it fabulous? I’m the mom from the EX-wife and a handy extra mom to count on. What’s in a word? It’s everything. A link has been established: one of love, nurturing and excitement!! My wish is for this name: Extra MOM! to bring healing to many families.

Thank you Leo!

Love, Light and Laughter to all.



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