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Date Published: November 29, 2013

It’s true, I stopped pushing my boundaries. Are you disappointed? Don’t be!! Now and forever I am MENAFESTING joy and abundance to grow and give. That means I have a mantra to live by and I will focus on it every breath I take. I am bringing to life my dreams and passions.

What is my passion? I see the treasure chest that lies within all of us, full of vibrant potential, ready to be appreciated, accepted and menafested. My burning desire is to BE so full of joy and abundance in my life that I overflow with eternal love and awareness to give back to this World. Through my life, I want to inspire everyone with resources to focus on a vision, get healthy and let go of drama so we can become our best version and transform the reality of this planet.

Pushing my boundaries was appropriate for my past when I was struggling with life, getting divorced, finding my essence, and the Truth of existence. I’m finally at a place where I see that there are no boundaries and I can focus on my strengths. Through my deep inner work and my faith in the treasure that lays within, I am now MENAFESTING my life.

A day after Thanksgiving, do you realize how blessed we are!? Life, love, inspiration, friends and family, bodies, food, housing, health, clothes, cars, entertainment, etc. Yet we complain, get sick, are distracted with gossip and unimportant things, we are ungrateful for what we have.

The World is unevenly split between those with resources and opportunity, and those in poverty, starving, in wars, victimized, and marginalized. Are we that much happier with everything we have? If we strived to heal the World, each of us focusing on our passions, our greatest challenges in this life, our most fiery desires to change the status quo, we would find the greatest blessing of all… GIVING others a fair chance at: having a basic honorable life, feeling love and inspiration, having faith and understanding the magic of this human existence.

My mission is for you to believe in YOUR POTENTIAL and inspire you through my own life while providing you with tools (through my apps, women’s group, book, blog, videos and Facebook page) to bring your deepest desires into Menafestation. My ultimate goal is to create a Foundation to Menafest a Whole World.

I am grateful for the infinite Love in my heart and that my life is dedicated to spreading this Love. I am grateful for YOU and the amazing treasure you bring to Life.

Love, Light, Laughter!



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