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Date Published: November 19, 2013

You already know that the key to success in life is to focus on our strengths and team up with people that are really good where we are weak. When we go with the flow (instead of rowing against the current), we can develop the areas where we excel. The question is… what are our strengths?!

In only 20 minutes I did the Wealth Dynamics test online yesterday. My results resonated with me: I turned out to be Creator, Star, and Mechanic. I’m always coming up with ideas, I’m good with details and processes and I’m an extrovert able to motivate and inspire. The test sends out a great description of the strengths and weaknesses of each profile to better understand the dynamics.

It also means I need support from people who manage money and are deal makers. What? Wait a minute!! Didn’t I study Economics and get an MBA from Chicago Booth!? It was shocking to see I ended up studying a career that went against my inherent flow. It’s been already ten years since I graduated and I have naturally deviated from my unwise path to come back to my core strengths.

I’ve always been a good student and I could do it. Was it the best place for me? No. Why did I end up there? Last week at a brainstorming session I realized why in a mayor break through for me.

As a young girl I was outgoing, expressive, loved singing, dancing, and participating in endless sports and activities. I was curious and sociable with strong opinions and ideas. At the age of 10 I moved back to Argentina from having done elementary school in the US. Immediately, I felt awkward, out of place and began to subdue my energies to fit in and please everyone else. I realized that when I was getting the top grades and succeeding in general, I was NOT making more friends. It was easier to blend in. Lost from my own sense of identity, I ended up studying my dad’s career whom I admire and I married someone who preferred me to be a housewife and support his career. It was all me, hiding from myself and my light. There’s no one to blame.

I know I’m on the right path now and I’m not afraid of shining the gifts and talents that have been given to me by the Universe. I can shine brightly with humility and aim for the greatness we are all meant to be and live!

Share with me! Has this post inspired a new perspective? Are you hiding from yourself? How are we playing small in our lives? Did you have a turning point in your career or have you always known your path? The online community would love to hear from you, inspire us! You are Fearless. Motivated. Aware.

Love, Light and Laughter!



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