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Date Published: March 26, 2014

We live in a virtual reality where we are all connected mainly via text message, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and last in the list phone calls. My birthday today is a clear example of this. I am blessed with much love and beautiful messages from friends and family who live all over the US, Europe and South America. Yet I sat alone for lunch at a local restaurant.

Ouch! I’m always heading out on my own and meeting new people, connecting with old friends and embracing life. Being alone is not lonely for me. Feeling so much love on my phone and sitting next to an empty seat on my birthday felt excruciating after a while. There was no way I could focus on anything on my computer so I tapped inside. My internal GPS was powerfully sending me a painful message.

This week is Spring Break and the Sony Ericsson Open is in full swing at Key Biscayne. Lots of friends are away on holiday, busy with their children, at the tournament or simply expecting me to be busy having an awesome time with someone else. I had decided to celebrate the following weekend but my heart feels the absence NOW.

I realize that this realty of feeling disconnected is not only mine. I am very sociable, outgoing and positive. If it happens to me, I’m sure you can relate to this. When we start feeling sad, upset and lonely, it can be hard to reverse the downward spiral. Here’s a trick to to use your Internal GPS and guide things your way.

1) Tap into your emotions frequently! If you are happy, your thoughts and experience are aligned with what is true for you. If you are unhappy, there is something off track.

2) What’s the thought? I’m sad I’m not sharing my birthday with my friends! Do I want to drown in the emotion created by the thought or change it? Me!? I want to be happy!

3) Change the thought! I’m happy sharing my birthday with friends. I had a awesome coffee this morning with someone I really love and also met up with another dear friend in the afternoon. What else can I do?

4) Chose what I desire instead of letting life happen! I posted on FB that I want to meet friends tonight at a specific place. Novecento KB! I’m gonna have a fun birthday party this evening!

Our phones connect us in a very efficient and wonderful way. As humans we hunger deeper connections! At least I do. I invite you to add your internal GPS to your daily uses and immediately respond, communicate your needs! I want my friends and family in my life!!!

Take a moment now to sink into your inner World. What are you feeling? What is triggering that thought? Switch it to something you desire and take the steps necessary. Share with us below how you create your own happiness!!

See you soon.

Love, Light and Laughter

Mena (one year older, one day wiser!)

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