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Date Published: July 31, 2016

Dear Menita,

On that day you turned One you deeply loved a souless teddy for you knew the fabric of it was Love.

If only the human experience were that simple! What can I tell you to give you courage and strength for this lifetime?

Follow your Heart even when it’s cracking open, aching and bleeding from its intense desire to Love in this confusing place. Love it even more and be grateful for that capacity.

It will feel dark many times and you will tread through treacherous paths and repeating cliffs. Feel and allow every experience, knowing it is serving you. Don’t take anything personally. Just be the observer of it all.

You are loved infinitely by that which created you. Always seek refuge in that, deep within you. Everyone on Earth is going through their own experiences and can’t fully hold you. It’s ok. I love you!

Relax into your breath, in this Now, and life will unfold gracefully. Dance to move to your own flow. Sing to express your essence. Listen to recieve guidance. There’s nothing to prove to anyone.

One day you will make it over that harsh terrain and a clear path will open up for you.

Trust. Believe.

Your soul has chosen this journey and you shall receive the Divine Life you set out to Live.

Baby girl. It’s ok.

I love you!

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