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Date Published: January 8, 2013

Trust is extremely powerful. I simply knew I had to go to Guatemala and be on Mayan territory for the change of era on December 21, 2012. I wasn’t misguided.

In the not so distant past, I would try to plan out every detail of an adventure. Now I let life flow sweetly and surprise me at every bend, sans expectations. Or so I believe! Whatever happens, I dare to see as the perfect situation and I aspire to recognize miracles on a daily basis. Where was I going? I simply knew the date, the country I was flying to, the group leader and the two locations where we would be staying: Tikal and Atitlan.

Wonderful people, fun times and great food; you can recreate all of that with your imagination and my pictures. Profound revelations occurred during those two weeks, some of which I’m inspired to share without getting deep into how or when I got them. Who?! No, the aliens haven’t reached out to me. Not just yet! That sweet voice I hear singing in my ear is more angelical.

A few hours into the voyage I met a stranger whom I already knew well… Our vibrations danced together in ecstatic joy. It takes only a few seconds to recognize that magic when it happens. A part of us can behold (out of fear!) that it’s a taunting illusion… a farce that will leave us hurt and deprived of the imagined love. On the other side of the rainbow, believing in it leads us to further connection and divine union. Open your heart and that Truth is Love.

During the first gathering with the newly acquainted group of thirty souls I experienced a powerful connection to Mother Earth. We forget she has her own consciousness! I felt her unconditional love for us and the throbbing pain resulting from our ignorance, abuse and disconnection. Earth nurtures us and generously gives us all of her resources… the time has come to re-awaken our connection and give her the respect she deserves.

Imagine if we could drop all fear and float playfully like a humming bird!! Wouldn’t you want to know how to do that? During a fire ceremony, I realized that simply by surrendering my life and asking all the light beings for their support and guidance, they would undoubtedly protect this body as their own. I fear not for myself, yet I faithfully protect this body from the perspective of it being an instrument of the divine. As that, all the power of the Universe works with it and anything that happens to it has a higher purpose. Aho!

At the end of that Mayan ceremony, a woman unexpectedly came up to me and extended her hand towards me. On her palm, a crystal frog stared back at me with bulging eyes and I accepted his invitation. Immediately, I sensed it’s need for love and I broke into hot tears, empathizing with its loneliness. He told me, “ Kiss me and I shall turn into a prince”, which I felt as “See beyond my ugliness and love me, there shall be magic!”. Darkness just needs love to become One with Love.

A day at Sebastian de Atitlan to visit Maximon, the traveling Saint statue, tested our state of evolution. From the moment we jumped off the boats, a pack of hungry merchant kids attached themselves to our relative abundance. Personally, I was annoyed that the kids incessantly invaded our physical and mental planes. Bitter words in my native tongue and my physical contraction surprised me… I realized this wasn’t a reaction I supported. I allowed the anger to be released by placing my awareness on it and changing my approach to the situation. Playing with them! I warned that if they followed us, we would have fun together. If they wanted to sell their trinkets, they would be better off going somewhere else. Being cornered and deprived of my own space, I threw the energy back at them with joy and silliness. It became a sweet and memorable experience.

One afternoon we cocooned our faces with white ribbons and ended up looking like mummies with varying designs drawn on them. The idea was to unmask ourselves through dance and find our true self. I felt a strong desire to loose myself in the dance, ignoring everyone there and attain a trance like state. When we dance in our society, we usually try to please the people around us, interact with them and show them how fun or attractive we are. The result of this experience was a strong message to stop pleasing others. We must live life guided by our inner wisdom, not by others’ perceptions of us or by their own fears and hesitation.

Spiritual ego runs like a disease in our evolving blood. To hear overbearing comments and see the attachment to superiority has taught me to strengthen my patience and nurture my compassion. An emotional reaction to other’s disapproval can reveal self-doubt and create an opportunity to grow in awareness and self-confidence. It has also invited me to gracefully learn from many teachers and yet extend my own independent roots deep into the core of Earth. An unhealthy ego reminds me how uncool it is and encourages me to closely observe my own words and attitude… Am I imposing my view to others from a place of authority or am I simply excited about sharing my own human experience?! Delightfully, I have no intention to be right or fix anyone. Just to be happy and free.

Two voluptuous volcanos warmed my heart and grounded me as they stretched up towards the heavens to tickle the stars. Orion’s belt seemed to rest on a hillside, whispering an important message. I jumped into the unknown with this trip and I was blessed with profound realizations. In that place where Heaven meets Earth… that’s where the magic happens. A fertile ground for a life of Divine Love and inspiration.

Love, light, laughter!


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