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Date Published: October 30, 2012

Exposure to the wrath of nature can shake us off our pedestal of ego. Feeling humbled and vulnerable we shiver. Thundering inside our bodies is the pulsing fear that we may be defeated and the frustrating ‘reality’ that we have to face things we didn’t wish for.

Spare us, oh God!! Now we understand that life is beyond our control. No tantrum, screaming or complaining will get us special attention. Everyone around us is locked into this very real drama, some isolated under the roof that protected them through the darkest hour.

As the wind tires of threatening our relative peace and moves along its path leaving us in one piece, we feel stronger and relieved. Was it luck?! Gratitude starts to sink into our bones.

What can we make of this storm? What can it make out of us? Will we end up bitterly accusing God, whining and grieving what we lost? Or will we stand up to the challenge of seeing how we can help out in our community and be grateful for everything that we are blessed with!?

Did I physically experience the storm?! No… I didn’t have to be there to have a sense of what our human reaction can be to a threat. We can embrace other’s challenges as our own, and through compassion and understanding see with clarity what approach is more aligned with the Truth of the Universe. It is ALL a conspiracy to make us grow. Storms in our life can sand us down and polish us until we shine.

Let Sandy bring us together in the determination to make the most out of every situation in life. We are more grateful for the light after the dark. Make it shine bright!!!!

Love, light and nervous laughter!


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