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Date Published: September 24, 2014

Once upon a time I felt trapped in this isle of paradise. Palm tree after palm tree made me look deep within and I forcefully recognized the powerful call of Truth. The life I was living was not mine to be lived! Stress, fear, and mounting insecurities had become my everyday experience of life. My breath was shallow and my heart was numb. If I apparently had everything, why was I not truly happy!?

How could I complain if I had two healthy boys, a hardworking husband, a magnificent house, friends and family and lived on an island? So much of the World lives in war torn zones, there are endless abuses, starvation, people living on streets, dramatic loss of loved ones, and life claiming illnesses. How could I not appreciate my good fortune and be more aware and excited about my gifts? The guilt of being an ungrateful person and the creeping comfort of life kept me away from looking within for answers.

The valley is more dangerous than the cliff; for in the comfort of the valley there is no urgency to grow. In that ease of life I had become blind to my limiting patterns, to the stagnant relationships, and to my dying dreams. It’s just another day in my so called paradise. So what!?

By Grace, my valley stopped being comfortable and I could no longer ignore the facts. I realized there is a widespread disease in our society which is not clearly identified and acknowledged. That of having so much, having more than our needs met and not living very happy and fulfilling lives. Instead of following our hearts we have checked the list off with society’s expectations. We have followed a path that was not guided by our passions. When our lives are not in alignment with our souls desires, it becomes stale and uncomfortable to wake us up to correct our path.

Do we really need to reach the edges, live a dramatic situation, loose a loved one, or be in excruciating pain or sickness to make a change? We can chose to awaken and claim the full gift of Life now.

The typical hero has a past with gut wrenching loss, pain and desolation. He rises above his challenges to a space way beyond what was ever imagined possible. Why? The alternative was unbearable, accepting the status quo was life threatening. We need another type of hero. The one that has ‘everything’ and apparent ‘safety’ and is willing to step up to the challenge of creating a powerful life.

Cornered to the edge of the cliff we jump and the wings that were always there shoot out into the horizon and let you soar. By creating nurturing nests in our communities, we can begin to spread our wings without dramatic situations. No need to be jumping off into the unknown and having a midlife crisis. No need to blame others and make terminal decisions.

I’ve spent the last four years as an explorer of consciousness. There are endless tools and perspectives to help us find the light that we ARE, gain clarity, remove our limiting beliefs and manifest our dreams. I am so grateful for growth I have experienced and the joy that is flowing through my heart. I created Menafesting Community, a one hour weekly event, to bring that to you. We connect (with ourselves, with neighbors, and speakers), Learn (from one guest speaker each week) and Implement (what we learn). It is a sacred space to have fun, share and grow together.

Once upon a time ends happily ever after. It takes work, awareness, faith, community and never-ending presence. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! I wish you a life of Joy and Abundance. A life of Creating and Overflowing in Love. It is up to you to claim it. Will you choose it? Say Yes!

Love, light and Laughter


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