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Date Published: September 11, 2013

There’s nothing like letting your passion take over. I was so fired up when I left, I decided it wouldn’t be the last time. Determination to love every single inch of this body took over. You could too.

Even though I was aching from a stronger yoga class the previous day, something catapulted me into the evening body sculpting class. I was unexpectedly alive and vibrant. More than usual! I had forgotten my body peaked for working out later in the day. Since my boys were born, I convince and force myself to exercise in the morning so I can relax with them in the evening.

I was dancing to the tunes and rocking

it even though my muscles were being pushed to the limit. Maybe it was the younger crowd and I was feeding into their energy. Having fun allowed me to send my extremities love and the encouragement to keep going with intensity. As I looked around I saw faces of struggle, pain and agony. Really!? Why are we doing this to our bodies? All of us go to the gym, exercise outdoors or perform some sort of activity to keep our body’s in shape. When we push hard we are telling our bodies they are not how we like them to be. There is an energy of punishing the body into shape and what we encounter is a rebel; with consistency and determination we can achieve our goals. There is a better way.

Instead of wiping it into shape, how about supporting the body with appreciation and gratitude? From now on, I will remember to always embrace pain with joy knowing that I’m training my body to be it’s healthiest, strongest, free and capable of doing all the activities it desires to do. This simple change in perspective can go a long way. I might get back to you with proof on this one. ; )

We can beat ourselves into a sweat. Or we can just be sweaty love.

Love. Light. Laughter!


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