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Date Published: May 30, 2014

Is it really possible that we require very uncomfortable situations to make the decision to break free from drama, distractions and disease to reclaim our joy and abundance? What if we learned and made changes in our life NOW before getting to extreme situations?

This week at Menafesting Community we had two inspiring men who were born to unbearable situations. They didn’t give up and in exchange they are living blessed lives with love and wisdom.

The Intention this week is: I SEE THE BLESSINGS IN MY CHALLENGES.

Wally Vincenty was born to parents who did not love him and was abused by them. At the age of 8 he took off on his own and made money to put himself through high school. He made his first million by the age of 20. His life is filled with amazing experiences, success, wisdom and among his friends are many gurus, teachers, leaders and wise people known nowadays.

His secret?! No one told him he couldn’t do it AND he was connected to the Universe. When we believe and we feed off the energy of oneness – flowing with life, we can accomplish what our heart desires.

Ramgiri Braun talked about living from our heart and understanding that happiness comes from within. Not from external situations. He guided us uided us to the core of our heart to experience the constant love that we are.

RG is about to publish his book: HeartSourcing – Finding our way to Love and Freedom. It is the story of his inner exploration into the spiritual heart, and his lifelong process of learning to share the tools and concepts of that journey. I greatly benefited from them when I started my journey four years ago. Check this link to support his campaign!!!

Homeplay for the SUMMER! Practice these habits and see your life transform. Not Sick. Not Tired!!!! This was our graduation for season 1!

1) I’m Alive!!! Wake up feeling blessed to have this breath. We have the opportunity to create anything we desire on Earth.

2) I love me! I love me! I love me! The most amazing life can occur when we love ourselves so much we know we deserve it.

3) Thank you for… Give thanks for the gifts in your life! That connects you directly to source and invites more blessings to come your way.

4) This is my dream!!! Visualize your dream life and FEEL the joy of that already existing and impacting all your loved ones powerfully.

5) Set intention for each segment of the day: driving to work, sitting in front of the computer, making a call… It helps you accomplish what you want and be present.

6) Choose the energy you want to live from. My own mantra is: I embrace life with joy and abundance. Having a default phrase helps you get back to center and guide your decisions.

7) Relax in bed and be nourished. Feel Mother Earth support you and nurture you. Become your own mother and congratulate yourself for the day. Be compassionate where you have struggled.

8) Be LOVE Always!!!! You already are, we just need to remember what’s underneath the limiting programming on our systems.



Embrace life with Joy and Abundance so it can reflect that back to you!

Love, light and laughter!


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