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Date Published: February 5, 2016

Heart Torn. Literally.

My brother-in-law called me in distress. The cardiac surgeon at the hospital had just told him he would try to SAVE my sister. She was closer to death than Life. Her heart had suddenly collapsed and they needed to perform emergency open heart surgery on her. Immediately.

Within two hours I was taking off to DC towards a situation I had never imagined. As I landed there, her surgery was wrapping up.

In October of 2014, my older sister at the age of 39 suffered from SCAD: Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. Today she shared a video on her Facebook page and tears squeezed out of my eyes again. I realized I had a pending story to share.

As I flew towards my sister, my mind became a clean slate. In that space, I planted the seeds to welcome a miracle. I would only consider a successful resolution of this situation. It was a peaceful declaration of the outcome I felt True in my Heart. I decided that the statistics of the disease would not apply because we would move beyond the group consciousness to the Realm of Possibilities.

I shared my state of mind with Marcos and his deep faith shifted him into a space of peace even when the doctors couldn’t promise anything. Why? SCAD survivors are rare. She had about five tubes down her throat, a pump for her heart, drains, a bandaged leg where they had pulled out a vein to use for the double bypass, monitors of all sorts, and a huge needle feeding liquids into her neck. An impressive medical feat!

We can’t control the outcomes of life. Yet we CAN help. Everything plays a significant role: The timing of the event, the expertise of the doctors, all the love flooding her way, the desire of a soul to live, and so forth! If we believe and open our Hearts (energetically I mean) we can send love to others. LOVE is the fabric of Consciousness so there is power from that space.

For two days in the Cardiac ER we sang and talked to her. Sent her Love. Gently massaged her hands and feet. Would her brain be ok when she woke up? They doctors did not have an answer. Any evidence of life exalted our hopes. A twitch of her fingers. That tear in her eye that appeared as we were hovering over her pillow! wow!!! I connected to the miraculous nature of existence. How amazing each movement of our hand is! Each breath, a gift. Each tear, an act of life.

I was on a High. Everything became so alive. I went out to run an errand and discovered the Mosaic district. I soulfully laughed at how I would bring my sister and I would be the one pushing her baby’s stroller and guiding her three other kids to help her. There was a part of me that Knew we would be there together.

Completely focused on her healing, I realized that rivers of Love were pouring towards her from family and friends’ prayers. The question was: could she receive it? I remember sitting on a chair by her with the beeping of the machines and the old men walking around the ER recovering from their operations. The best thing I can do at anytime is to embody vibrations and template them to others. In that moment of desiring so deeply for her to receive, I sensed a deep change within me. I was expanded in my capacity to receive so that I could teach that energetically to my sister. Then the phrase came to my mind: It is in giving that we receive. Yes. I understood it profoundly.

She came Back. Very alert and we were SO grateful. The story is long and Heartfelt (pun intended). It was beautiful to see how my family came together to support, how her community organized themselves to prepare food, carpool the kids, and show up. Thank you all!!

My sister is profoundly grateful she survived and I am so proud of her!

Today she shared this video and I honor her by passing it on to you.

You are a survivor and beyond that you are an Empowered woman. IMG_0362

I love you Magu!

Love, Light and Laughter


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