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Date Published: July 14, 2014

It’s always a good time to put things into perspective. Now is even better.

This week I asked myself a simple question. What would I do with $100 million dollars? I am passionate about contributing to this World; so access to resources is an exciting and exhilarating gift. This exercise of thinking about this is interesting and inspiring in itself. What amazed me is that it can be shattered in a single moment.

What if having $100 million dollars meant I would never see my kids again? (Of course, this is not necessary but it emphasizes the point). NO way.

$1 billion. No thanks. No hesitation.

True love rises above and beyond any consideration for money. Nothing new here.

I clearly value my kids infinitely beyond 100 million dollars. If they are so dear to me, in which moments am I not treating them as the valuable treasure that they are?

Being a parent is a very rewarding experience, which I am deeply grateful for. At the same time, it can be very challenging to raise kids these days when they have so much more information, freedom and lack the strict discipline of the past generations. It becomes even more difficult when they spend time between two homes (they also visit their dad) and there are different approaches in disciplining them.

I strive to be the best mom I can be (ohh how human I am!), offer them unconditional love and wisdom to enable them to create the most amazing life for themselves. Therefore, I am always hungry to explore ways to improve my nurturing.

Here’s a list of things I treasure doing with them.

  1. Tell them I love them often. Hold and cuddle with them always.

  2. Ask them many questions and listen to their stories, interests and ideas.

  3. Take pictures and videos of them. Sit together to laugh about each memory.

  4. Meditate on my bed and share things I’m learning.

  5. Go to the supermarket together, read labels and have them get their food.

  6. Share my passions, stories, and life lessons with them.

  7. Clean our golf cart with wipes.

  8. Have fun together in the playground.

  9. Ride our scooters around the neighborhood.

  10. Look at full moons, sunrises, and sunsets together.

  11. Teach them to love and forgive themselves fully and say I love me!

  12. Surprise them with unexpected activities, treats, messages and goofiness.

  13. Flame their passions and allow them to believe in infinite possibilities.

  14. Sing in the car and dance together at home.

  15. Read books to each other and make silly accents.

  16. Give thanks every night for everything in our life.

Here’s where I can improve:

  1. Make a bigger effort to find healthy and exciting alternatives for their food.

  2. Give them extra time to share and cuddle even when I am tired. Many evenings I am ready to turn off my mom mode at 9pm and have some quiet time; it’s at that moment when they want to share the most.

  3. Expose them more often to my friends so they can learn to relate and be inspired by other adults.

  4. Take them to more experiences that expand their mind and nourish their soul.

  5. Help them develop more discipline in their life.

  6. Teach them to think of more ways to help others.

  7. Watch them more attentively when they interact with other kids.

I am Abundant now. I am aware and evolving. We are halfway through our summer holiday and I would love to hear from you ideas to make the time with our kids special and become better guides for them. These are our treasures.

Let’s make a difference!!!!

Get a piece of paper and connect with your heart. What do you love to do with your kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or kids you know? Start out with your own ideas. Then ask them what they enjoy doing with you. That will inspire and fuel you to do it more often.

Ask them what they would like to improve in the relationship. What would they like to do more of. What would they like to change. It teaches them to communicate, know it’s ok to speak up their minds and to be responsible for their happiness.

If you feel inspired, please share with us!!! We always enrich our souls with each other’s true presence.

Light, love and laughter!


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