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Date Published: August 28, 2014

When was the last time you picked up a pencil, a crayon or marker and let your heart communicate through an image? Could it have been in school!?

For me it was yesterday. What a thrill!! I had been carrying crayons in my purse for a few weeks. I began drawing from my heart the logo for my brand and realized it spoke to me… It knew things I had not yet verbalized: innocence, purity, a merging of Earth and Source, Rainbow and Chakra colors, seeds and sprouting. I felt vulnerable and exposed. Worried if I would be understood. Aware that I might be hesitant to advance to avoid a mistake.

At night during my Menafesting Community event I had Maria G Reyes as a speaker presenting on Yoga and Art. She explained drawing is a primal form of communication, closer to our soul than words. It was a powerful moment of connecting to our core through Kundalini meditation and then drawing our dreams.

We started from the root, drawing what we envisaged as the grounding for our dreams. Then we expressed what the energy of source was like for us coming from above. In the middle, our vision of the creation we want to manifest. I felt so confident at every stage and proud of my picture!!

At the end of the event, Maria asked me: “Why didn’t you connect your dream to source and grounding?” I was clearly waiting for her to give me that instruction, I never heard it. Then I realized that everyone else had made the connection. Wow.

The Art of Living in Awareness!!! My dream is ready. I’m grounded. I got my source ON! Just a matter of saying YES to my dreams and living it. I got my markers and connected all the parts.

What a piece of ART life is. May your Masterpiece be complete, full of love, joy and abundance!

Love, light and Laughter!


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