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Date Published: December 21, 2012

As the World enters the anticipated 12-21-12, many laugh relieved doom hasn’t fallen upon us. The suggestion of an end instills fear in us and denial is the most common reaction.

The change of era is about the end of life as we know it. The higher vibration of the Earth is stirring energies up and we are experiencing a larger spectrum: more light and further darkness. This is an evolutionary process which requires our consciousness to bring forth the change in a positive way.

Unconditional love is about embracing both the light and the dark; oneness means it’s ALL God. Darkness is the part of humanity that needs to heal and each of us must come to terms with that within us which needs love. We are faced incessantly with dark forces (killings, war, abuse, etc, etc), hence we live on autopilot with our defenses in full display, spitting out frustration, blasting hatred and denying any allegiance or understanding.

Instead of fueling conflicts with more negative vibrations, we can make a conscious effort to change our habits and begin to send love and compassion. To BE that. When light surrounds evil with the perspective of love, it gives it the space to heal thousands of years of pain and alter patterns of behavior.

The Light is always stronger than the dark. It just takes a spark to kill darkness! Yet, no amount of darkness can overpower light. As of today, let us stand strong and ground together, knowing that we don’t have to attack evil to be safe, nor will we allow it to hurt us. Not from fear, simply out of respect for our own worth as Warriors of the Light, claiming our divine right to receive the gift we have been given.

Love, light and laughter!


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