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Date Published: NOVEMBER 27, 2015

We were CREATED by something.

Call it the Master Programmer if you prefer more modern terms. God if that resonates. Source. Grace. Universe. The Force. The Divine. Whatever word works for you.

Wouldn’t it make sense that If we disconnected from that which created us, we would become sick? Incurred in glitches and bad programming? Got stuck. Forgot to upgrade and remember our Purpose?

Yes. That sound possible. Seeing the news is enough evidence.

So what if we invited that Master Programmer? Not having to Know what it is, or how to explain it. Trusting to ask THAT to be guiding our life. What would we have to loose?

Remembering again and again: our North Star, that spark of the Creator deep within our Heart, the I AM that I AM, the plug into the Source of Everything!!

Then we could offer every moment, every breath, every movement, every song, every joy, every experience to that Spark. And in doing so blessing it with the Supreme Intelligence.

Fully present in each moment with the Creator… It becomes our Beloved. Our life is in dedication to that Love.

We are so focused on that Relationship that there is not time to judge others. To Hate. To question. To doubt ourselves. Our soul responsibility is to honor and feel the vibrations arising within us. And simply love and hold space for the rest.

Then life around us begins to show that inner sparkle. Experiences continue to guide us in the direction of showing us what we need to UNlearn.

Choosing the Creator as a priority, means we’ll chose relationships where each honors the expression of the other. Individuals who desire to grow together towards Source. Then people are a gift to experience divinity.

What does that mean for me? My life: I surrender it to the flow of this Now. My family and friends: I Love and hold space for you. My clients: I share with you my Knowing of your infinite nature and my personal experiences and tools. There is no one to Fix; just sharing our insights when people are ready for them.

I choose to align with the Creator; to my Master Programmer and hence Heal. What if Humanity gave it a try? Nothing Real to loose for the Truth always remains, yet Everything to gain.

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