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Date Published: August 19, 2014

I stumbled on a set of beliefs that deeply impact my experience of life. Having enough is good, or is it!?

1) Family Lifestyle

I was brought up in a family with five children by two parents who were clear on how they wanted to educate us. We were all supported and loved in an equal way; there was never a sense of preference and we grew up close and enjoying each other with our differences. My dad is an intelligent man and his success never got to his ego. His spending has always been conscious to support and enable us while not crippling us to make us dependent on him. Too much meant I could be spoiled and contaminated.

2) Religion

Up until I was nineteen years old I grew up in a Catholic environment. Sin is a big word for this Christian religion and it never made me feel comfortable. I never believed that God would do something on purpose to punish me; that meant I couldn’t believe he would do anything for me either. I was left to experience a World of fairness. I would get what I deserved.

3) Savings

I’ve been the queen of saving my money and living a moderate life. When I had an allowance in my teenage years, I would save 50% of it; putting it away for the future. When I got divorced, I put ALL my settlement in purchasing my apartment. I made it a habit to put myself in a tight scenario of having just enough. Why would I be excited to have more if I locked it up anyway!?

4) Divorce

At the edge of the cliff of my marriage I realized that no amount of money could make me happy if I was not living a life that inspired me. More spending was just a distraction for the emptiness inside. I stated that I preferred to have nothing than live unhappy in wealth.

New Paradigm

1) Guided by my intuition and awareness, I can’t be spoiled and contaminated! Money is neutral and has no power over me to derail me from my light. I live a life that inspires me always.

2) The Universe is infinitely gifting and loving me in every moment. I can take in as much love as I open up to receive. It wants to expand and expand, love and love and love! Can I allow the Universe to gift me endlessly!? YES!!!

3) It’s not necessary to push my experience of life into the future by saving so much. Nevertheless, saving 10% of my income is an awesome tool. It gives me the sense that I always have more and more money, making me feel abundant.

4) My happiness has nothing to do with money, a simple piece of paper which we trade for goods and services. I’ve experienced true bliss in the absence of comforts in India and in the Amazon. I can be happy AND abundant!

We shower everyday! How often do we clean our energetic body that holds beliefs and sends out signals?! What believes have you attached to money?! How is that affecting your life today and how you relate to your finances? We can work hard to achieve our goals or we can work smart by aligning our energy too. It’s our choice. Take it!

Love, Light and Laughter!


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