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Date Published: March 31, 2015

It’s my birthday and I cry if I want to…

Yeah. That’s one way to do it. I just want to enjoy it and have FUN! I want to honor the life I have been given, the people in my life and the cake right in front of me. lol

This past birthday I experienced something I didn’t feel before with this level of awareness and clarity. It shifted my perception of what a birthday can be. The ENERGY I received from all of you was palpably delightful, uplifting and oh so powerful. I now see it as the day in the year where we receive massive healing. Honestly! So much love, wishes of success and dreams coming true to one individual can shift things. IF! IF! IF!

IF we know it’s happening, open to receive it and take our birthday wishes seriously. Be bold! Jump to the next level. Ready to become a master? Follow these following tips.

Steps to Master the Art of Birthday Blessings:

1) Connect with your heart and tap into the desires of your soul.

2) Ask for your birthday wishes with focus and attention. Let the candle be the flame of your passions. Feel that your requests are already yours; that or something better!

3) Be present to each of the blessings and messages from friends, family and other! Feel their love coming your way (in your mind you can ask your body to screen out any energy that is not so pure), acknowledge it and feel yourself supported with light.

4) Imagine all that energy breaking down your own limitations and lifting you up to your highest potential or whatever you asked for. No judgement. : D

5) Make sure you blow out the candles with gratitude and at least have one bite of that cake. Unless your gluten intolerant! Please don’t.

I shared my wishes on Facebook and got so much support and encouragement. Wow! I love you.

“This new year that begins today… I pledge to be my Hero and free me from the tangles of limitation. To inspire myself every moment! To shine and bring a smile to my surroundings, To honor my emotions and embody my soul, To allow my body to be the magnificent creature it desires to be! Lol This year, I commit to GIVING my best efforts, my Whole heart and to FLOW with the Nectar of Life. What for?! To Celebrate life with YOU!! There no greater joy than sharing this amazing journey and creating together.”

When I wish you a happy birthday, I send you light for all your dreams to come true. If I forget or miss it, just trust that I programmed my energy to send you LOVE at any moment you think of me. Ta raaa!!!

One more Year. Feeling Younger. Timeless actually. I love birthdays!!!!

Happy. Happier. Happiest.

Love y’all


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